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  1. We all know your favourite Suzuki is the SX4 WRC, you even have a model of it 😉
  2. I legit thought Jon was driving topless until I looked again  :D Sorry, I am so pale haha :D
  3. Should see something in the near future all being well ;) 
  4. I was just saying how much I loved my little 208 R2 & rallying in general ;) . I think we need the DiRT Rally team setup again :D  Here is a video of my old 208 for you to enjoy! https://youtu.be/6IrYr7tXMeg?t=77
  5. It didn't sound like the new Escort sound would be ready for quite a while though?  The new audio won't be ready for today's live stream but it will be in for release don't worry ::smile:
  6. Codies say : we made the rear a bit more slippery. No Thanks We need really good physics and measurements. I don't think we ever said we made the rear ' a bit more slippery ' What we did say is that we have focused on how the surfaces and tyres interact with each other so that the behavior and balance of the car felt more realistic from feedback and validation of real life rally drivers.
  7. We played today (on the DiRT Show) with the soft tyre compound on a Front Wheel Drive car (Golf GTI) which offers maximum grip. When you select a harder compound in game the car with move around more and you will have less traction on acceleration and braking. Personally I enjoy putting on a set of hard tyres and adjusting the setup slightly to make the rear dance around more. We are looking forward to showing you guys the 4wd and rwd cars, which are very exciting to drive and power slide around, stay tuned!
  8. It looks like yes: when was that pic from? Must be relatively recent, as that looks like DiRT 4 branding on the back wall.  For those who know, this is quite humbling that it is still there! It's still here! We moved it a bit though.  ;) I'm gonna steal it for my bedroom ;)
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