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  1. Think this is because it is due to the new regulations for 2019 where the extra weight has to be added by the driver rather than where ever you like.
  2. Hello @Faya, is there any way for PSN users who change their name to have it automatically updated here too? I have changed my PSN name to "SundaySIMRacer" (previously "LetMeThrashU"), however, here it still shows my name as "LetMeThrashU" even though I logged out and in again. If it helps, I have it so that my old name is displayed along side my new name for 30 days. Thanks
  3. LetMeThrashU

    Safety Car is so hard to bring out ...

    If drivers don't crash, a safety car shouldn't come out.
  4. Game doesn't show it for the PC as well. My guess is because of how new it is, shops need to prepare themselves for it first. I'm sure we will hear more from Codies soon.
  5. Looking at game.co.uk, the PS4 and Xbox One are 64.99 for the legends edition. PC isn't there yet but I would assume about the same.