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  1. set a 'wet' WR last night in the Freedom Machine for ***** and giggles last night. Only hit a few spectators...
  2. been a while since posting, heres a few of my more recent shots
  3. Been awhile since posting here, back with some RX in Hojles, such a brilliant track, only fair to run Robin Larssons livery. Lower exposure and sunset are such a fine combo. Been away from my rig so at least can find some pleasure in taking screens.
  4. Bakkerud life, if you're a fan or not, is def an awesome series, really does show alot of cool behind the scenes action.
  5. @GabeszVFTS just trying to help, but maybe dont quote GIANT posts and to put all the photos in one post. Also if you want the best shots and for them to be shared make sure the timer and menu arent showing.
  6. Joining in on the Greece hype train. Choo Choo.🚆
  7. What platform you're playing on: PS4 Deluxe user non-standard peripherals connected: Thrustmaster T300 THIS EFFECTS ALL WHEEL/CONTROLLER USERS. Main Bug: Audio for turbos not playing when releasing the gas pedal. Audio for Blow-off valves/turbo seem to still be bugged when gas is not bound to a button. If the gas is bound to a button this effect is extremly noticable and clearly a problem for those of us (most) who use a pedal set, to my knowlegde this bug also effects controllers. Codies have arguably one if not THE best sound of most sim studios and to be lacking
  8. Night session in Germany, absolutely LOVING this M2, double 'zaust backfires are just 💯
  9. No better match than wet roads and a MKII. From yesterdays daily, 6th place to boot aswell. Taken on PS4
  10. Cinematic shot at the end of Fury Lake Depart, 1st time ever seeing this helicoper after the bridge and hairpin taken on PS4
  11. On PS4. Taken from a fun session where I got a WR on Fferm Wynt Rev (already taken away)
  12. Taken on PS4. love the contrast of light and dark on this one.
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