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  1. Admittedly my system is not the best but it can run games like Asseto Corsa at 20-25 FPS which for me is the most I can get out of this system. I have never had issues running F1 Games But 13 and 14 both stutter. When the game doesn't stutter it runs at reasonable framerate but it will hang for 3-5 seconds and sometimes maybe longer. This Completely ruins the good game you have made 
  2. Hi, Does anyone know of setups that give better traction for wheel users/ Decrease tyre wear. Thanks
  3. Hey, The cars for me are blurry, the textures don't look very good. I changed some settings and then they turned blurry, any one know what setting controls the texture quality of the cars because it makes the beautiful cars like the F14T, the WO5 and the RB10 look really ugly. Thanks ! 
  4. Scandless. Some people get it before others. FIX IT PLEASE
  5. I am not trying to spark a debate here. Just want some answers. Why has japan Got the game before us? And it's clearly not WIP any more because it's out in japan. Anybody know?
  6. Tried to load up GRID AUTOSPORT and It won't get past the Loading Screen with GRID AUTOSPORT Copy right Code masters and a it goes off and starts again. A werid eagle thing appears at the bottom which I have never seen before.. Any help would be greatly appreciated Image http://cloud-4.steampowered.com/ugc/566644437490784832/1CED5CC468B968DBE0BA2C82543B023790EF09E6/
  7. Just checked my steam, Dirt Showdown was in there. Are codies giving it away for free? Who knows? 
  8. I Hope if it is a texture limitations for XBOX and PS3 then Hi def texture pack will fix this
  9. If they plan on Making the cockpits as detailed as some of the cockpit mods then poor them.
  10. Hey,       After seeing gameplay there are ALOT of things I like about it and I don't. My main problem is in cockpit it is blurred so you can't see the dash. It would be nice if you had a option to turn this off. I am sure you have concerns to and I think we should pass these on to the codies.
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