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  1. LottaLava

    GRID 2019 - If you had one wish...

    I'd like to see some of Driveclub's tracks in this game, like Norway, Sweden, Chile, Japan, etc. Tracks with snow and blizzard.
  2. LottaLava

    Grid ultimate edition

  3. LottaLava

    GRID Graphics Discussion

    Yes, but those are from Driveclub. RIP
  4. LottaLava

    Trackmania TrackPack

    Hello guys, just a question could be possible to create a DLC for some Trackmania Tracks for this game? Maybe could be interesting! Regards, LottaLava
  5. LottaLava

    GRID Graphics Discussion

    I want to see a heavy storm, thunder storm, snow chaotic gameplay!
  6. LottaLava

    GRID 2019 - If you had one wish...

    Just to thing could improve my perception from this game: 1) Full car damage; 2) Cockpit view;
  7. Hello dudes, I noticed in cockpit view none of the car´s meters are working or are completely black! As someone who likes this view I´d like to see a very detailed and work car´s cockpit. Regards, LottaLava
  8. LottaLava

    Bug - Sound Cut out

    Hello, everytime I play Dirt4 after some races the sound cut off or became very low, there's a fix to it? It happens only with cockpit view, if change to other view the sound returns and if you get back to cockpit view get very low. GPU: GeForce GTX 1080 CPU: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-7700K ASUS Maximus Hero VIII z170 4.20GHz 64 GB RAM Windows 10 PRO
  9. LottaLava

    DLC Rallies for DiRT Rally 2.0 season 1 and 2

    Brazil Norway Finland Sweden
  10. I have that problem as well, no cockpit sound with Bajas and Kart cars. In rally there´s no co-pilot sound and no HUD in all game modes! What the hell CodeMasters! My specs: GPU: GeForce GTX 1080 CPU: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-7700K 4.20GHz 64 GB RAM Windows 10