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  1. No, I wasn't sarcastic. The game has came from nothing to something actually 1000% better than release version.
  2. I´m very pleased to see GRID 2019 is continuously receiving updates and fixes. The game is very nice now.
  3. I took a look at game and they fixed many things, lighting inside the cockpit, brightness, now we can see the track inside the car. Now is a game which worth to spend some time.
  4. So guys, are all issues with this game fixed or its all the same?
  5. we can´t even turn the car´s lights on to help to see the dashboard.
  6. I think if CM fixes the lightning problems maybe 80% of the game would improve.
  7. Would be nice some post-launch road map for new features and fixes!
  8. Just to enrich the issue with Audi RS3 LMS interior too dark, here is how the car is in real live! Another issue, I couldn´t find a way to cycle the lights of the car or cycle the wipers!
  9. I think the problem is to separate Free Practice and Custom Local Event, in Free Practice I was supposed to just test the track, the car and learn how to properly tackle the track. But it forces me to create a custom race event. During the qualifying, the Audi panel is completely black.
  10. Ok I found it, in Free Practice, we must choose discipline = Race then we can specify how to start. Start Sequence choose as Standing/Rolling
  11. I´m sure I searched but as you can see there´s no such options anywhere in Free Practice! 1° 2° 3° 4° 5° And another problem, the steering wheel is hiding the car´s panel and we can´t see the current gear, speed and rotation of the motor! Nice job indeed.
  12. Another issue, I´d like to choose when to start a race by formation or standing, ´cause in Free Practice the car starts rolling.
  13. Ok, but if its a Free Practice, there is no need to specify the number of laps I going to do!
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