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  1. LottaLava

    Grid 2019 cockpit problems

    No fixes by now, cockpit view is a completely mess!
  2. LottaLava

    Project CARS 3

  3. LottaLava

    Project CARS 3

    They could remove that blur effect and make the game render as Project CARS 2 does, its much better. And is perfectly possible to Automobilista 2 overcame PCARS 3 for better graphics ( PCARS 2 graphics ) and handling!
  4. LottaLava

    Project CARS 3

    First I'd like to say, keep at least the PCARS 2 HUD design! The PCARS2 HUD was more centered and you had all information about position, times and laps in top left of the screen. And all information about the car on bottom right with speedy limiter, breaks, acceleration, engine, tires, fuel, etc. The physics must be improved a lot. And what happened with the driver's race suite? The speedy limiter in PCARS2 reflected the exactly position on cars dashboard!
  5. I made some more races and they really fixed the cockpit, the dashboard is now well visible and most of the car inside, but there are places in front of the driver are still completely dark, like the steering wheel and we can´t see nothing down there. I thing it was a quick fix, but need more improvements. Some parts of the tracks are very dark and hard to see where to go.
  6. LottaLava

    GRID - Mode/Feature/Content Suggestions

    I´d like to cycle the car´s wipers and lights.
  7. Seems CM fixed the light and shadows problems inside the cockpit view, I just tested with 3 cars the Audi RS3 LMS, formula rockie and a Honda, but looks very nice now.
  8. LottaLava

    This is the worst GRID so far.

    I wouldn´t say the worst GRID ever, but it has many issues to be fixed!
  9. LottaLava

    GRID - Mode/Feature/Content Suggestions

  10. LottaLava

    GRID - Mode/Feature/Content Suggestions

    we can´t even turn the car´s lights on to help to see the dashboard.
  11. I deleted the game until it get fixed, I like to play only with cockpit view. Is a shame to see only 3° person view from this game on YouTube, this hides from people the bug!
  12. LottaLava

    GRID - Mode/Feature/Content Suggestions

    I think if CM fixes the lightning problems maybe 80% of the game would improve.
  13. LottaLava

    Cockpit view problems

  14. LottaLava

    Cockpit view problems

    In this video we can see or we can´t see the track and inside the car because its too dark, even the dashboard is completely black! Could add a button to cycle the car´s light?