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  1. @Hoo I have opened a support report for this bug
  2. A detailed description of the issue: There are two messages that are generated at the the beginning (STRT) and end (SEND) of a "session". When running in Time Trial and a session immediately after a time trial the STRT event is not sent at the correct time, and with "invalid" data. Note: Format of my log data is: Message received Date/Time + MsgType, UID, SourceIP, SessionTime, PlayIndex, Version | DataBeingLogged At the end of a TT session i see a SEND and then an unexpected SSTA 2021-07-26 12:13:09.626+3,3293516312674155847,,219.97751,0,2021.1.4|BUTN,00000001,1 2
  3. Has anyone else ween any issues with Type3 Event messages in Time Trial ? At the end of a TT session i see a SEND and then an unexpected SSTA 2021-07-26 12:13:09.626+3,3293516312674155847,,219.97751,0,2021.1.4|BUTN,00000001,1 2021-07-26 12:13:09.733+3,3293516312674155847,,219.97751,0,2021.1.4|BUTN,00000000,0 2021-07-26 12:13:10.439+3,3293516312674155847,,0,0,2021.1.4|SEND 2021-07-26 12:13:10.440+3,14788111507831082358,,0,0,2021.1.4|SSTA 2021-07-26 12:14:17.907+3,0,,0,0,2021.1.4|BUTN,00000001,1 2021-07-26 12:14:17.939+3,0,192.
  4. I was confused by @Hamdor's post... I couldn't see any changes from the doc i originally downloaded or in the data so wonder what he was posing about. If it was a difference to the 2020 format then i'd not have seen it as i never added 2020 support in my code
  5. In the 2019 game the SEND event was always the last data packet from a session. In 2021 (Don't know about 2020, maybe it was the same there) we now see Session History and Final Classification messages AFTER the SEND event How are people determining when there's no more data to be received ? In my existing code i use the STRT and SEND as the delimiters for the data i'm saving for analysis etc and for determining when i can clean up internal state. But if i use SEND i might be missing useful data that can come many seconds after the SEND Is the SEND not being the last packet sent
  6. What did I miss ? Was there a change to the data format ? This is why i wanted the spec here in plain text in the post, so we can easily see what's changed by looking at the edit dates rather than having to search through a proprietary format file 😡
  7. Thanks for publishing ... But can you add the spec to this post so that we can see updates ... like you have done in previous years
  8. @Hoo Any update on the UDP spec ? getting very close to release date now ....
  9. That github looks interesting, especially as i was looking at generating a svg from the data points via D3 anyway. I guess the hard part with that is translating the x,y,z in the data stream to the svg... going to have to think about that one !
  10. In some of the various apps out there, they display a track map of the circuit. How have people created the map ? I have captured maps simply by driving the centre line but that's a painful process to do to generate the display maps..... how have other people done this ?
  11. @Hoo Do you know when the spec might be published ? Will it defiantly be before release date ?
  12. Hi, Does anyone know the meaning of the data in these fields ? int16 m_worldForwardDirX; // World space forward X direction (normalised) int16 m_worldForwardDirY; // World space forward Y direction (normalised) int16 m_worldForwardDirZ; // World space forward Z direction (normalised) int16 m_worldRightDirX; // World space right X direction (normalised) int16 m_worldRightDirY; // World space right Y direction (normalised) int16 m_worldRightDirZ; //
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