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  1. Russell1301


    Why don't Codemasters update the start system. Everyone is pulling away at starts, for no traction drivers it is irritating, but sometimes you can get a normal start. But for traction drivers everyone is just pulling away from you. Fix it because there is no fun in always bad starts.
  2. Russell1301


    Please update the start system in the game, when you start everyone is drifting away and you are like a sitting duck. Please fix this, it is so annoying!
  3. Seriously. Sorry but I spent all my 3000 point on aero package. And it didn't upgraded. And there is no "in progress" anymore. In my opinion F1 2018 was better at this rate. Bad work.
  4. Russell1301

    Wet weather AI too OP

    Lately there has been a new patch 1.05. Good patch but 1 thing is not good. Wet weather performance for AI has been improved too much. In dry weather I ended up qualifying pace in 7th. In wet qualifying I lost 4 seconds on the leader and it made me p20. One thing is for sure, I am not a bad rain driver so this needs to be fixed.