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  1. FIE

    Driver Number colour

    @BarryBL I think that feature is missing
  2. @BarryBL Is the following issue in the XBOX version known that you have the driver's number of the real drivers on the car and not your own in multiplayer? Example: I took the McLaren from Sainz and had his number 55 on the car and not my own number 12. Why???? If that was changed it's the biggest mistake that Codemasters could make....
  3. FIE

    Customisation is a MASSIVE disappointment

    Agree mate! Agree mate! I'm not allowed to talk about the beta but it is one point I've told them. Hope they will update it. Otherwise it's nonsense to have a beta 😎 Let's see how important our feedback is 😖
  4. FIE

    Allow lapped cars to unlap during SC

    @BarryBL 😆 You acknowledge that this isn't in following of F1 rules? What kind of motosport racing do you watch at Codemasters? Just for you dear Codemasters 😘 As FIA indicates in Article 39.12 (sporting regulations 2017), lapped cars may unlap themselves once cars were lined up behind the safety car. Since 3 years it's missing in the game. Same with the red flag regulation during every session 😎 No more excuses! It's an official rule in F1 that lapped cars can overtake the safety car after some laps to restore the order of the placements. You representing the official Formula One in a game but not all rules have found their way into the game.. SINCE YEARS! 😋 It's a big shame that your team isn't able to adapt this important rule and it's something that was talked about for years now! I am known to be a great critic of your games and you also give me any reason and plenty of food 🙃 You are just too incapable to solve the problem with the safety car. Instead of closing a construction site, you always open new ones with new features. Sorry for that, but you failed again on this point. No surprise anymore....
  5. FIE

    Official F1 Intro

    ...and official hud / graphics finally..... it's wished since years.... nothing happened..
  6. FIE

    No Commentary is practice and qualifying anymore

    ....... oh my god......
  7. jup, same boring fonts, nothing special and not custom............ @BarryBL I'm not the only one so... please give us more freedom to this... 🙂
  8. FIE

    F1 2020 Lapped cars on SC-conditions

    This!!!!!!!!!!!!!! @BarryBL The same procedure as every year CODEMASTERS or what? It's every time the same stupid issue with lapped cars under safety car conditions...... Codemasters should implement the official rules and it's not to stay behind a lapped car if the safety car is coming in this lap..... when will you finally get it CODEMASTERS????
  9. Formula 1 isn't just a racing sport with rivals infront and behind of you. Formula 1 is about drama in Qualifying for each driver. For that it's a must have to get all 20 drivers on screen to know where are the other drivers, who is going to be knockout after every session? Same for the race. Where are my rivals? How is the gap to calculate my next pit stop. Where do I get out with fresh tyres. It's an official game, so where is the problem to get all important official graphics as known from broadcast. The HUD should be optional, cause it's not my problem if someone can't race with 20 drivers on the left hand side and for me it's not cluttered if they are completely shown. Why do I have to adapt to the others if the solution is pretty simple: Let every single player decide for himself what he wants to see in term of information to make the race easier to read. You dont need any graphics if you want to have the experience being a real driver, but for me and many other players I guess it's a must have to have a look like broadcast style. What about the official HALO speedometer? What about the initials of every driver to keep the position tower narrower… Where is the problem to renounce the gamertags in multiplayer, choose three letters a multiplayer name to keep it official… I can't understand many things since years… Your "broadcast graphics" remind me of a cartoon game.. Official broadcast graphics would reflect realism… Please let your team know… Thanks!
  10. @BarryBL We all know that we're talking about a product what isn't completely finished yet "WORK IN PROGRESS" … B U T !!! You have already some new graphics in the game what shows me that things are going in the wrong direction again… First of all that feature with official broadcast graphics should be optional / customizable, because i want to know during Qualifying while I'm out on track ..who is in danger to drop out in Q1. For that I have to go into the garage and open my live display.. Our race ingeneer is a bad guy… important informations about special Drivers I would like to ask for.. are not named. I want to see in every session all 20 drivers in the tower on the left hand side cause there are more information given than anywhere else.. Codies "replica" """"official broadcast graphics"""" are Pretty bad cluttered and chaotic. Like I said.. I dont need a second onscreen information on the top right hand side about my current position when it's shown in the tower. Lap counter / session timer and flags should be compact in one place. And again, slow sectors arent red rather yellow, cause red is a warning colour that should be shown when my current lap time was deleted due to corner cutting. The official broadcast graphics were made for spectators … right … and that's exactly why the graphics are not cluttered.. Official broadcast graphics are easy to understand, but if I look on you graphics.. don't know where to look at first… If you talk about multiplayer for example (gamertags will be cluttered in official graphics)… where is the problem to give online players the opportunity to choose three letters and a name instead of gamertags to be displayed in the graphics.. Codies, you make it too easy for yourself ….
  11. @BarryBL So here we go, right topic and thats what we want when we talk about official broadcast graphics.
  12. @BarryBL But what about the official broadcast graphics? These HUD is completely different and chaotic then official graphics... for example why do we get three different overlays for lap counter / my own current position, timer of session and flags. We should have it on the top of the position tower on the left hand side as in reallife. If there is a yellow flag >> session timer should change to yellow sector >> green flag and back to the session timer. It looks so bad and has nothing to do with the official boradcast style what we want since years… What about all the 20 drivers that are not shown on the left hand side??
  13. FIE

    Official HUD in F1 2020

    @Bicarda I just saw people doing time trail, but there you can already see the new graphics. No official graphics...
  14. FIE

    Official HUD in F1 2020

    @BarryBL So as we can see from some YouTube videos today, again no official broadcast graphics in F1 2020..... we had so many good concepts here but none of this found its way into the game... Thats just your own replica graphics again...
  15. In particular a full position HUD is needed to make Qualifying more exciting in the game. I would like to know who the driver at risk is, what drivers are currently out. I need much more official graphics for information and it's a cool style of realism. Replay / Highlights are pretty boring without official graphics. There is more potential with official broadcast graphics and in F1 2019 was a lot good stuff missing.