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  1. any news Codemasters?
  2. Cut scenes are important for hardcore players who want to get more out of that feeling to be in Formula One. We got an old cut scenes package in F1 2019. Most of them are from F1 2015. It's time to show Codemasters how it should look like. Here are some neverseen Screenshots from F1 2019 to improve the atmosphere.
  3. Sure mate. It was time to put that graphics into F1 2019. But..... it's Codemasters. 😩
  4. Dear Codemasters, just to let you know. We want official broadcast graphics (Replay / Ingame / Cut Scenes...) in F12020! There are no more excuses! Cmon!
  5. My god talk to us! ……. @Faya
  6. FIE


    Share itwith your Team @Faya That ghosting is ridiculous
  7. FIE


    XBOX ONE Grand Prix mode: I've noticed that there are ghost cars during practice and qualifying and if they are driving right behind you, they ghost and drive in you. I can't setup ghost cars (on / off) like in multiplayer lobbies. If they drive in you it is an annoying thing. This option is missing. That means, it is not possible to crash with other cars in practice and qualifying.. which is pretty unrealistic. It's just possible during the race. Damage model: simulated. FIX IT! Formation Lap: Other cars ghost in you as soon as automatic control is on after last corner to form the grid. FIX IT! @Faya
  8. FIE

    Track takes to much time to dry

    agree, track is going to be dry after rain session too fast
  9. FIE


    @Faya Talk to the team please to add fish lense effects to have a real onboard camera view aspecially the right tyre size.
  10. FIE

    Xbox One (FPS Problems)

    @Faya NEWS?????
  11. FIE


    @Faya Don't forget this topic. Tyre size is incorrect!