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  1. They should use all official broadcast graphics! HUD should be optional for everybody. But I want to know who is leading, who ist last, where I am, who is around. I want to see all 20 Drivers with their short initials (HAMILTON -> HAM). The HUD looks similar year by year on the Basis of the structure which is the same. They put just the official font in and some bad replica "official" graphics for fastest laps, but it has nothing to do with the official graphics which we known from television. It's not that what we want since years. It's finally time to get it. They should look at the concepts here in the community. They should listen to us. The majority do not want to have the replica Codemasters HUD.
  2. FIE

    F1 2019 GAMEPLAY

    YES !!! Finally it's a topic. I hate it aswell! We don't want that sh** anymore Codemasters! Let us see how the driver jump out of the car. Stop this black and white slowmotion after a crash. We don't like it anymore. YES !!! It's an official videogame with "all" regulations, but the red flag is missing again. Also the virtual safety car during Practice and Qualifying or lapped cars may pass the safety car in the race after a while. It's an official regulation to get the right order back for a restart. But it's not in the game again. Do they understand the rules? I dont think so … Cmon Codemasters...
  3. Make this game concept alive.
  4. But thats the point why it should be optional! How many information do you want to get on your screen? So choose your HUD setup in a menu. Something like the HUD should be much more individually. For me it's important to know what is going on with all the other drivers out on track. I want to know who is leading? Who is last?. Actually we just get the position ahead and behind and this is far too little. My race isn't just against the one driver ahead or behind me. I want to get an overview of all current tyres, so I can think about my strategy. Where will be my position after a pit stop? I take one view at the official graphics and the gap too all drivers. My race engineer do not get the important information to me. Another example: We dont have a full time clock in Practice and Qualifying. I can't balance my longrun, if I do not know how many time is left. Actually we just get a 5 minutes countdown to the end of a session and THIS IS FAR TOO LITTLE. The HUD by Codemasters is not up to date anymore. It looks year by year similar. It's not enough just to update the official font Codemasters. We want the official HUD since 5 years! The official graphics are a part of Formula 1. It's an official game. It looks realistic if we get them. Everyone knows that we can't get all the graphics from broadcasting, as some of them just for the spectator. But I dont need a bad replica by Codemasters which do not give enough information. But it is a duty to have the official full time clock shown in P1 / P2 / P3 / Q1 / Q2 and Q3 and lap counter. Position tower with all 20 drivers (optional how many we want to displayed). Graphics like fastest lap, track records, race control etc. Just look at the concept screenshots. It's so cool to see mine and those of others three letters of names in the official graphics. If you play online, just type in your three letters and a complete new name you want to use in multiplayer.
  5. It's an official game 😉 So the graphics should be like in TV
  6. The official HUD should be optional. If someone don't like to have all 20 drivers and other graphics, then you can turn it off. Very easy... But for me it's important to know what is going on on track with all the drivers.
  7. OFFICIAL F1 BROADCAST HUD CONCEPT Qualifying started | Outlap | All 20 drivers on screen 5 Minutes to go | Ricciardo at risk | 4th lap | Leclerc is fastest Time is over | Personal fastest sector 1 (green) | fastest in sector 2 (pink) | Ricciardo lost some time in S3 (yellow) Example: Raikkonen personal fastest lap from 7th to 6th place (green box) | Grosjean lost a place (red box) Race | Intervals between every car | Bottas has fastest lap (pink box Clock icon) | Animation Fastest Lap Bottas with sounds | Yellow Flag in Sector 2 Leclerc (Leader) is in the official lap 45 of the race (big lap box) | Ricciardo personal lap counter with lap times (sectors too) on the Right hand side
  8. CONFIRMED! NO OFFICIAL HUD IN F1 2019!!! So this is the F1 2019 HUD ... again no official graphics just a replica ...
  9. Oh yes, the official TV Halo HUD in T-cam is very cool.
  10. FIE

    F1 2019 wideo

    Correct mate step Forward in graphics, looks brilliant but there are no bumbs on track. Like a train on rails
  11. It's not the official broadcast style for me. Not the official graphics. Just a bad replica in my opinion.
  12. FIE

    F1 2019 Images

    WOW...… and again not the official graphics. Slow sectors are yellow and not red... This is how it should look like: OFFICIAL GRAPHICS CONCEPT FOR F1 2019
  14. AND THIS IS WHAT WE GET IN F1 2019 … Another year without the official broadcast HUD graphics … just a bad replica by codemasters … No words...