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  1. In particular a full position HUD is needed to make Qualifying more exciting in the game. I would like to know who the driver at risk is, what drivers are currently out. I need much more official graphics for information and it's a cool style of realism. Replay / Highlights are pretty boring without official graphics. There is more potential with official broadcast graphics and in F1 2019 was a lot good stuff missing.
  2. @BarryBL Anny news on this? Many of the players would like to get the official broadcast style graphics since years, but it never happend. It's time to get an answer...
  3. @BarryBL So then read this topic, because enough is enough!! We want the official broadcast style graphics since years!
  4. any news Codemasters?
  5. Cut scenes are important for hardcore players who want to get more out of that feeling to be in Formula One. We got an old cut scenes package in F1 2019. Most of them are from F1 2015. It's time to show Codemasters how it should look like. Here are some neverseen Screenshots from F1 2019 to improve the atmosphere.
  6. Sure mate. It was time to put that graphics into F1 2019. But..... it's Codemasters. 😩
  7. Dear Codemasters, just to let you know. We want official broadcast graphics (Replay / Ingame / Cut Scenes...) in F12020! There are no more excuses! Cmon!
  8. My god talk to us! ……. @Faya
  9. FIE


    XBOX ONE Grand Prix mode: I've noticed that there are ghost cars during practice and qualifying and if they are driving right behind you, they ghost and drive in you. I can't setup ghost cars (on / off) like in multiplayer lobbies. If they drive in you it is an annoying thing. This option is missing. That means, it is not possible to crash with other cars in practice and qualifying.. which is pretty unrealistic. It's just possible during the race. Damage model: simulated. FIX IT! Formation Lap: Other cars ghost in you as soon as automatic control is on after last corner to form the grid. FIX IT! @Faya
  10. FIE


    Share itwith your Team @Faya That ghosting is ridiculous
  11. FIE

    Track takes to much time to dry

    agree, track is going to be dry after rain session too fast
  12. @Faya @jennyannem As you can see, the tyre size is incorrect again. The best T-cam setup is used compared to real life . Can we get the original tyre size finally? They look like blocks on the car every year.
  13. FIE


    @Faya Talk to the team please to add fish lense effects to have a real onboard camera view aspecially the right tyre size.
  14. FPS on Xbox One is always struggling when AI or other multiplayer cars are driving into the pit. Mostly during the race. If there is action in the pit you can see FPS stutters. If there is nobody in the pit FPS is working liquid well.
  15. FIE

    Xbox One (FPS Problems)

    @Faya NEWS?????
  16. FIE


    @Faya Don't forget this topic. Tyre size is incorrect!
  17. FIE

    Xbox One (FPS Problems)

    @Faya @RedDevilKT Any news about this?
  18. FIE

    No Online Championship on F1 2019

    @Faya THIS ! Honestly, this is the biggest issue in F1 2019. The league system is bad! Race league events are going lost if you leave between Qualifying and Race. I'm driving normally in multiplayer with my three best friends against AI with 103% level. But the league AI is too slow for us, because you can just race with them on a 100% AI-level. If my friends and I want to drive a complete Championship, league is the only multiplayer option in F1 2019. It's a shame! Because you can't save unranked lobbies where you started a championship with better options. If you leave the lobby, it's deleted forever. Fix it and turn it back to F1 2018!
  19. FIE

    F12019 Frame Rate on consoles

    Xbox One FPS is always struggling when AI or other multiplayer cars are driving into the pit.
  20. Dear Codemasters, please give us the option to set up individually the camera position for each team and the option to save it for each team. The problem is that some camera angles are very different in every Team and not realistic if I change it. I change the position of Alfa Romeos T-cam to have it pretty realistic in relation to broadcasting, but the same settings looking wrong and pretty bad in another team. We just use this one setting and not different settings for each team what should be in the game! Please give us this option!
  21. FIE

    Official hud f1 rolex 2019

    F1 2019 CONCEPT INGAME OFFICIAL HUD @Faya @jennyannem THIS IS WHAT WE WANT! PLAY! F1 2019 (2).mp4