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  1. Agree, red sector times should be displayed for deleted lap times due to track limits.
  2. @BarryBL So, that topic is not important enough to get a reaction right? I mean, when does the official SC rules get priority? Nothing has changed in years. Do the devs even know about it? I had my third race with that nonsensical rules... These current SC rules destroy everything you have worked out in previous laps. Same in a top team: You stuck behind lapped cars. There is no chance of attacking the front positions when restarting. Of course it doesn't matter if you're doing a 25% race, but all gamers who drive the full 100% distance are at a disadvantage, because lapping cars takes pla
  3. @BarryBL Please click on "with developers 2021" That suggestion is such a little thing what makes the tyre optics more realistic. It should be very easy I think to deliver the fisheye lens for T Cam players with the next update. Video ▶️F1 2021 Realistic tires mod - YouTube
  4. A friendly reminder that the topic is still there and wet weather looks in F1 2021 bad. @BarryBL definitly a topic for the devs 😉 By the way, after 3 laps in a 100% race the track is completely dry. So unrealistic....
  5. Well done Codemasters! You surprised me! Great job.
  6. A detailed description of the issue If you choose a car from an official driver, you see his number on the car, but not your own. Report Code XBPR-PGDS-AAXG-GAEG Platform Xbox One Game-mode Multiplayer [ONLINE] The amount of players in your session? If you know the players forum username, please tag as many people who were in your session here. 3 players with the same issue [ONLINE] Were you the host? YES What troubleshooting have you tried? Please list everything you tried. Started a new lobby, but the issue was still there Any sc
  7. By the way. Frustration always arises when the same **** is delivered year by year, although it has been communicated with the devs several times. And nothing happens. Besides, there is only silence again. I'm pretty sorry for @BarryBL for having to endure this frustration. And it's not up to him. I have the bad feeling over the years, that the programmers do not finish their job. When I read through the forum, I see many gamers who are frustrated. That is increasing sharply. The reasons are up to Codemasters / EA to change it. And communication is part of the first step.
  8. @BarryBL Silence? It's such an important and big topic over the years. When will we find out if you're finally working on it? It's more than frustrating. It's s***! Really. We all want to race and know what we have to expect when the SC goes out on track. Actually we play with fire. Luck or bad luck. And the SC rule in the game is not real since years!
  9. @BarryBL It's enough for me! Tell the devs they have to implement the Safety Car rules right finally! I had a 100% Hungarian Grand Prix with Alfa Romeo and was P11. I was lapped by HAM (P1) in lap 40 and then the SC came out. But Sainz at P10 was infront of HAM, I stucked behind HAM and Sainz had the opportunity to go full speed. I had the disadvantage, because the official Safety Car rule is missing in the game. Lapped cars are not allowed to overtake the SC as in real life after some safety laps behind the SC. And it destroyed my race... I had no chance to fight for a point with fresh tyre
  10. Same old story and I cannot believe why it's not allowed in the game... They say all "official rules" are in the game, but this important SC rule is missing. It's a shame...
  11. So bad. Unrealistic. Codemasters ……. What are you doing 🤦🏻‍♂️
  12. FIE


    The problem I have with Codemasters is pretty simple. We buy a game which is based on the current official F1 Season 2021. Since many months we all know that the hairpin turn 10 in Barcelona is going to be changed. But it‘s not in the game and since this morning I know personally for the first time, that they won’t update it this year. It’s frustrating. Definitely it’s good that they add the new tracks. But why do they won’t update at the same time Spain too and patch it into the game? They would not build the track from new. It’s just one corner. And in this context it is understandable for
  13. FIE


    Spain 2020. Scandal! Shame! Layout is already there…
  14. FIE


    Quote that they said it official!
  15. FIE


    It would be the biggest scandal in the history of F1 games! Especially when we talk about the new Layout from Spain, which already exist in the game. We all could drive the new racing line, but the AI is too stupid to follow. I have to say, they already knew since many months, that Spain will open the new hairpin turn 10. Are they drinking too much coffee? All they have to do is program the new racing line. Are they serious?!
  16. FIE


    What?! This is again not a clear answer. This means just the three new tracks (Imola, Portimao, Jeddah) will be updated? Not the previous circuits (Spain, Melbourne, Abu Dhabi) ??? The communication is horrible about the previous tracks with new layouts. What will happen to them? You will update them or not?! We ask for a clear announcement. @BarryBL
  17. This guy is saying important things! Definitely the right things!!! HUD is chaotic again. Just without sense. Graphics have nothing to do with the official broadcast style again.. They don’t listen to us. Talking with my hand is more informative. They don’t care about what is really important during a Qualifying. Very boring and always the same…
  18. Thanks for that @Chromatic I played F1 2012 often and I loved the local weather system which was great to have. That's why I'm talking about the predictable races during different weather conditions in F1 2020 because it's not longer in the game. Would be good to know why Codemasters changed that system @BarryBL, although the new game engine should have more power to make a step forward. The issue comes up again, especially after Imola when it stopped raining around lap 5, then the drivers had to manage their Inters (cool down in puddles), a dry racing line formed around lap 20, drivers change
  19. An open discussion about the state of a track under wet weather conditions in F1 games compared to reality. As we saw with the latest example of Imola, wet weather conditions are more profound than those shown in the official videogame. I drove several 100% races, started in wet up to dry conditions in F12020. I had to find out that the virtual weather system is poor. In F12020 the view is far too clear on a wet track, because there is not enough spray when you drive behind another car. Would be great to get more spray and realism on this point. I miss the unpredictable weather at
  20. The reason is the brain of Codemasters 🙂 They always thought differently...
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