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  1. Thanks for that @Chromatic I played F1 2012 often and I loved the local weather system which was great to have. That's why I'm talking about the predictable races during different weather conditions in F1 2020 because it's not longer in the game. Would be good to know why Codemasters changed that system @BarryBL, although the new game engine should have more power to make a step forward. The issue comes up again, especially after Imola when it stopped raining around lap 5, then the drivers had to manage their Inters (cool down in puddles), a dry racing line formed around lap 20, drivers change
  2. An open discussion about the state of a track under wet weather conditions in F1 games compared to reality. As we saw with the latest example of Imola, wet weather conditions are more profound than those shown in the official videogame. I drove several 100% races, started in wet up to dry conditions in F12020. I had to find out that the virtual weather system is poor. In F12020 the view is far too clear on a wet track, because there is not enough spray when you drive behind another car. Would be great to get more spray and realism on this point. I miss the unpredictable weather at
  3. The reason is the brain of Codemasters 🙂 They always thought differently...
  4. FIE

    F1 2021

    you right mate
  5. THE LIST IS GROWING! @BarryBL Codemasters should finally understand that they are dealing with a community that most of them wants Formula One games to be as realistic as possible! We want a realistic implementation instead of playful childhood porridge... ⚠️ 9. CRASH AND WE ARE BACK IN THE YEARS WHEN WE HAD NO COLOR TELEVISION ⚠️ What I hate is the boring black-white color screen after each of our own accidents. More creativity would be required here Codemasters! So, what about switching into the broadcast style / broadcast cameras to see the driver get out of the car, marshalls hel
  6. Every design looks boring again. Guess it was designed by a child who waited for their parents in the Codemasters offices. Lando Norris special helmet design for the Great Britain Grand Prix looks better than this stuff. I hoped we get some better and more different good helmet designs with series two. An option to change the shade of the visor would be great. To put your own number in different fonts on your car, helmet etc. The helmets look like they were designed without any sense or understanding. At least I don't see any effort. The selection is also very limited. Another disappointment.
  7. What kind of options you would like to turn on and off? Feel free to chat with us and hopefully @BarryBL is a good mate to talk with the Code'masters'
  8. We live in the 21st century of the game industry, it should be easy to give us an option to turn a red flag on and off. If someone doesn't want this option, just turn it off. Of course we can't compare a red flag to a red card, apart from the same color The meaning behind this sarcastic comparison is pretty simple: every sport has its own rules. It would be strange if a red card is missing in FIFA games and its strange too, that we have no red flag in the F1 games but all other flags are included. The differences between a red flag and a red soccer card are of course great bu
  9. Truth often hurts and if something should be changed, it has to be addressed clearly. By the way, I'm nice! Do we want to have a beer?
  10. I won't stop 🙂 Flags and cards are part of sport rules. Doesn't matter if Formula 1 or FIFA games. There is a red flag missing and that's a fact. How would it be if there is no yellow flag just a red flag in the game? The grumbling would be loud. I don't understand that the red flag is missing, because it would be a game changer with a free stop, following the safety car into the pit and work on a new strategy and of course standing starts. You and many other gamers who are against a red flag probably don't understand the meaning of flags in relation to the games and how much potential there i
  11. @BarryBL Let's make it to a big topic. A lot of that following things are wrong in the game and we don't talk about bugs, just because they are wrong! ⚠️ 1. COLOR BARS ARE WRONG ⚠️ Codemasters and their graphic designer are using the wrong team color bars in the graphics AlphaTauri = white color bar (not dark blue like in the game) Williams = sky blue color bar (not light blue like in the game) The problem is pretty simple, you not using the right official broadcast team color bars and I often mix up the teams especially on the mini map. I often held the AlphaTauri as a Red Bull
  12. FIE

    Red flags

    Mate, more creativty please!!! While there is a red flag out on track you can choose your new set of tyres, take some time to think about your strategy... And if Codemasters would be creative, we could walk up and down in the pit lane to get more F1 feeling (Hamilton / Vettel Monza 🚴‍♀️)... Going into the broadcast menu and you can take a look at the previous highlights of the session (because red flags aren't just for the race, it could be in every session). You will receive a time on your gaming screen from the FIA until the session resumes. Waiting isn't a disaster in that game (just sarcas
  13. FIE

    Red flags

    Red flag must be in the game .. just a simple feature BECAUSE we talk about an official video game and that rule is missing 😉 or would it be great to have a FIFA game without a red card???????? @BarryBL
  14. @BarryBL I think that feature is missing
  15. @BarryBL Is the following issue in the XBOX version known that you have the driver's number of the real drivers on the car and not your own in multiplayer? Example: I took the McLaren from Sainz and had his number 55 on the car and not my own number 12. Why???? If that was changed it's the biggest mistake that Codemasters could make....
  16. Agree mate! Agree mate! I'm not allowed to talk about the beta but it is one point I've told them. Hope they will update it. Otherwise it's nonsense to have a beta 😎 Let's see how important our feedback is 😖
  17. @BarryBL 😆 You acknowledge that this isn't in following of F1 rules? What kind of motosport racing do you watch at Codemasters? Just for you dear Codemasters 😘 As FIA indicates in Article 39.12 (sporting regulations 2017), lapped cars may unlap themselves once cars were lined up behind the safety car. Since 3 years it's missing in the game. Same with the red flag regulation during every session 😎 No more excuses! It's an official rule in F1 that lapped cars can overtake the safety car after some laps to restore the order of the placements. You representing the official Formula One in a
  18. ...and official hud / graphics finally..... it's wished since years.... nothing happened..
  19. jup, same boring fonts, nothing special and not custom............ @BarryBL I'm not the only one so... please give us more freedom to this... 🙂
  20. This!!!!!!!!!!!!!! @BarryBL The same procedure as every year CODEMASTERS or what? It's every time the same stupid issue with lapped cars under safety car conditions...... Codemasters should implement the official rules and it's not to stay behind a lapped car if the safety car is coming in this lap..... when will you finally get it CODEMASTERS????
  21. @Faya THIS ! Honestly, this is the biggest issue in F1 2019. The league system is bad! Race league events are going lost if you leave between Qualifying and Race. I'm driving normally in multiplayer with my three best friends against AI with 103% level. But the league AI is too slow for us, because you can just race with them on a 100% AI-level. If my friends and I want to drive a complete Championship, league is the only multiplayer option in F1 2019. It's a shame! Because you can't save unranked lobbies where you started a championship with better options. If you leave the lobby, it's delet
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