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  1. I think most of your ideas aren't too far fetched, even the last few seem plausible in the near future. My ones are: Fix the stuttering on the PC in dx11 mode (dx12 mode seems to fix it for me but you have to live with the "work in progress" watermark in the middle of the screen), fix the pit release (sometimes there is a gap and you aren't allowed to go). Career player mechanincal failure (with option to turn off), proper flat spotting of tires ala Vettel in Bahrain, make contract offers actually mean something eg make it very difficult to get into the "top teams" (based on rnd) especially in the first few seasons. More realistic damage model eg, bargeboard damage, tire punctures from debris/contact with other cars, rear wing damage, ability to roll ala alonso australia 2016 etc. Unlock the audio files and character textures for drivers that have left the sport but were in the previous two games like Vandoorne, Alonso, Wehrlin, Ericsson, Hartely etc so we can play as them in career mode if we want.