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  1. Raymy

    Radio menu active too long

    On PS4 is available voice command with headset
  2. I think no modify driver view in position table.
  3. Raymy

    About F2 in the '20 Game (AH19)

    I dont like unreal drivers in licencsed F1 games. Only my avatar accept 🙂 But my dream is choice real F2 (also maybe F1) driver and play career with him. Now is my plan start my career in full F2 season in Prema with Mick Schumacher, sorry Sean 😄 , or in Sauber-Charouz (I am czech) and select Ferrari Driver Accademy 🙂 Common 7.7.2020
  4. Raymy

    About F2 in the '20 Game (AH19)

    Yes!!! Thank you @cpayne32
  5. Raymy

    About F2 in the '20 Game (AH19)

    Maybe choice Anthoine Hubert/Atrem Markelov swap for MyTeam and Career mode? My option for career mode is Markelov for more realistic career. And who know Butler/Weber still in game or not? Please no still in game. Sorry for my english
  6. Raymy

    What is your driver number?

    My favorite number is 23... But now use Albon... My choice now is 89 (my born year) or 19 (M.Schumacher first number in Benneton)
  7. Raymy

    Career Mode with F2 Drivers?

    Yeees please!
  8. No. F1 2015 release date is 10.7.2015 in EU. Jules Bianchi died 17.7.2015... And Codies don't remove his in next patches. RIP Anthoine
  9. My idea for career mode - in F1 2020 game add Formula 3 season 2019 (or 2018). First year career in F3 2019 (2018), second year career in F2 2020 (2019) and third year entry F1. All complete championship, not only three short races. Sorry for my bad english.
  10. Raymy

    My full practice programme

    FP1 Track aclimatisation - Hard (1-new) Tyre wear - medium (1-new) ERS - medium (1-used) FP2 Race strategy - medium (2-new) Race strategy - soft (1-new) FP3 Quali sim - soft (2-new) Fuel - medium (3-new)
  11. Raymy

    Regulation change for next year R&Ds

    In F1 2019 I start the third season and in the second season I had no regulation changes for the third season
  12. Raymy

    Patch 1.05. Is Safety Car working now?

    This year played two season in career mode and i have only 2 VSC, 0 SC Edit: Played in PS4
  13. Raymy

    Career number 1

    Thanks for the answers. I guess it really sets itself up during the first creation of the avatar and I forgot about that choice. My driver's career statistics screen still showed my original number 89, but when I went to practice 1, number 1 appeared on my car 😉
  14. Raymy

    Career number 1

    Hi, i played F1 2019 on PS4. I win driver championship and i dont have number 1 on car. How to select this number? In customisation driver no choice number 1
  15. I have: arrow - MFD cross - ERS down triangle - ERS up square - MIX down circle - MIX up L1 - Gear down R1 - Gear up L2 - look back R2 - DRS/Clutch for start and pit release/Pit limiter L3 - Radio R3- MFD panel change