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  1. Hi, its possible way hide Lap Time (Current and Best) in HUD? I all hide without standings tower, lap counter and messages, but this timer still visible. This is bug? Thanks Im on PC Steam
  2. Hi, i am update BIOS on the my MB asus tuf gaming b550-plus and deleted (you check) ENE folder in C:/Windows and ene.sys driver in C:/Windows/system32/drivers/ene.sys (this delete in Safe Mode Win10). Voala now not any crash more than 10-15 hours play.
  3. Hi i have same problem. I attach my crash files 797778-20210729-132634-0.zip 797778-20210729-131858-0.zip 797778-20210729-130926-0.zip
  4. same problem, in F1 2020 not have this problem DxDiag.txt
  5. Same problem, many times Ego Dump Crash. Maybe 30-40x times, played cca 9,5 hours. Terrible. Edit: In F1 2020 absolutely no problem Ego Dump DxDiag.txt
  6. Like ... I'm pretty disappointed and unpleasantly surprised. The game has an absolutely crazy optimization, or I don't know where the mistake is. I played F1 2020 in 4K with dynamic resolution when the minimum was 90%, almost everything at high, only off AO, Screen Space reflection and SSRT shadows and the game held me very nicely 60FPS. And here? Not even reduced to 1440p, along with reducing the textures to high, some things even to medium, so it tears like a pig. Not to mention the constant crashes of Ego Crash Dump ... And yes I have the latest patch 1.04, GPU drivers, Win 10 updates, etc.
  7. Hi @BarryBL, I own a game on both PS4 and PC. I first had a game on the PS4 and Podium Pass 1-3 I had there. Now after buying a new PC, I only play on the PC. Is there or will there be any opportunity to get the rewards that were in 1-3? Thanks
  8. My idea for career mode - in F1 2020 game add Formula 3 season 2019 (or 2018). First year career in F3 2019 (2018), second year career in F2 2020 (2019) and third year entry F1. All complete championship, not only three short races. Sorry for my bad english.
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