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  1. issue is solved. A PS4-Controller was also attached to the system. When I removed it, the Fanatec system was working properly. (Interestingly this combination was working w/ F1 2020)
  2. my Fanatec system looses control sporadically for some seconds from time to time.. Coming back with a harsh FFB. F1 2021: Version 1.07 Fanatec CSW2.5 Formula V2 Anyone else has got this problem?
  3. LapHistoryData data package: Isn't uint16 a little bit too small for m_sector(X)TimeInMS data for slow drivers, when they need more than 65,535 seconds per sector? We have then an overflow value problem.
  4. Disappointed that 

    ClubSport Steering Wheel Formula V2 EU


    is not supported by F1 2019

  5. Dissapointed that CSW2,5 is not supported by F1 2019

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