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  1. Hi guys i am issuing a problem when importing saved data into my ps4. I am managing a League Championship but I am not one of the drivers, so I'm trying to find a method to take pictures inside the highlight of the drivers THE ps4 allows you to copy the data of the F1 2021 game (including highlights) to AN Usb device. And then importing it back in another console But if i import the highlight file inside my ps4 nothing appears in the theatre mode of the game. Can somebody help me?
  2. Hi guys, I bought a thrustmaster t300 last week and I am trying to figure out how to adapt to a wheel. (I always used a controller with only ABS as aid) The first difficulty I am facing is the oversteer behaviour of the wheel. For example at turn 6 at SPA at the end of the KEMMEL, the righthand corner will make you lose the backend if you run too aggressibely on the curb. The problem is that with the pad you can realize that you are losing the control because it starts rumbling. But with the wheel It's different. It automatically turns left (as if it was saving the car from the spin
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