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  1. Awesome! :wink:  Great clips! The new Impreza sounds a bit civil to me.. :/
  2. Pity Ryan Champions Impreza won't be out for those going to the rally, he's a great contributor to that show. Someone needs to do a 555 livery for the '95 car. edit: NM its been done  :D albeit for Colins car 
  3. I did a few of the monte stages in each of the 70s RWD cars the other night and it was so much fun balancing those light cars around the icy hairpins. Really can't wait to try the Sweden stages, everything about it from the more slippery stages to the whole location and scenery definitely has major appeal!
  4. Yes hopefully! I think everyone asked would more or less agree the direction they went with this game is the right one.
  5. Gone are the days of amazing CGI intro's which looked 10x better than the actual game  ;)
  6. We have two Subaru's in game now, time for some 4G63..   <3 :D
  7. Wait and 'c'  B) My monies on a fully flegged RX game in the near future
  8. After watching the Twitch feed and hearing those comments re RX, I'd be veery surprised if we don't see a fully fledged standalone RX game developed for the Dirt series in the future! Bring it on I say the RX updates are great!
  9. My guess is it'll be released when they decide to release it, probably around the time it's ready...also I don't think the target audience for this game is specifically the blind.
  10. CM are working hard, things like this make you stop to think about it, fair play lads very excited to hear this, keep it up!
  11. Was watching the Twitch stream about the RX update back and one of the lads mentioned how Hillclimb was formally refered to as Trailbalzer so maybe it's the old structure carrying through just
  12. Good spot, but Windows Explorer says "date modified: 29/06" so apparently it came with the Tarmac Terrors update Maybe its a ploy to throw us off guessing by the folders  :o
  13. Noticed theres a 'Trailblazer' folder contained within the car/models directory, not sure if this was there before?
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