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  1. JuliendRijk

    F1 2020 BETA - Process Closed

    Any news on when the emails might be sent out @BarryBL?
  2. JuliendRijk

    Supreme Racing League - Season 9.5

    PC Europe Welcome to SRL Season 9.5! After the decision to end SRL Season 9 early, we've decided to run a shorter season on Wednesday nights for SRL Season 9.5. All races will be held on Wednesdays at 21:00pm CEST. Race times in different timezones are listed below. Season 9.5 will feature 15 races of the 2019 Formula 1 Season, all tracks have been chosen based on what we think provides the best racing. Commentators We are looking for active commentators for this tier that are commited to our full season. The calendar can be seen below.* If you be interested in commentating our leagues, send us a Direct Message on Twitter. *As a commentator you're allowed to miss a few races, though preferably not more than two in a season. Community Here in SRL, it's important that we have a fun and respectful environment in each tier. Therefore we do our best to make you feel welcome. Discord is our main communication platform. Text & Voice Channels are made so the drivers can interact with each other. We value respect and a nice tone off-track as much as clean racing on-track. Therefore rules are made to keep the respect between drivers. Region Race Times: 20:00pm (UK Time/BST - Great Britain, Portugal) 21:00pm (CEST/CET - Netherlands, Germany, Italy, France, etc) 22:00pm (EEST/EET - Finland, Greece, etc League Format: Our league structure is, as usual, judged by the more skilled drivers being in the top tiers and the less skilled drivers in the middle and/or bottom tiers. Each race will consist of a 50% race with an 18-minute qualifying with Safety Car, Dynamic Weather, Strict Mode & Full Damage. Driver placements will be decided on the amount of assists you use & whether you have completed Season 7 or not. Assists restrictions will be based on the amount of assists the drivers use - the top tier will have as few assists as possible. As always, normal league racing rules will apply, not to take the fun out of it, but to ensure fair & clean racing. *Therefore you must be aware of our rules in order to participate* Links: Sign-Up Thread on our Forums: https://www.supremeracingleague.com/forum/index.php?threads/srl-pc-europe-season-9-5-sign-up-thread-wednesdays-21-00-cest.3793/ SRL PC Europe: Official Season 9.5 Race Calendar: