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  1. Seeing more real rallycross tracks in another game makes me want more rallycross tracks in DiRT 4 even more!   If you haven't tried ProjectCars2, the RallyX there is really quite good IMO, and it has a couple of interesting tracks that D4 doesn't have. The RallyX may be the best bits of the title (PC2) but, some of the other content is decent and may get better as the game gets patched over the course of the coming months.
  2. Different players play for different reasons. For general racing games, most people aren't focused on the details or realism ; it may be all about just having fun or having an experience, competing with friends or just goofing off - nothing wrong with that at all. However, some of us don't have fun with a title unless we feel a connection with the virtual car and environment that immerses us in the experience at a much more intense level.  Better hardware, VR, and other factors such as motion or tactile feedback all add to greater immersion which elevates the experience even more but, t
  3. Game studios struggle to deal with the noise; they either ban detractors, operate in the dark zone, or just ignore those that they can't justify the trouble of satisfying, hoping they just go away. There is a trend developing with studios withdrawing and not responding to questions or criticisms for long periods of time or just letting publishers handle the PR stuff. Some studios limit access as one way to filter some of the noise and reduce the negativity. We see the same thing happening with professional software. I work with design software costing over 5k and have to wait  24 hours j
  4. Although OR/PC has the grunt to deliver a better experience, the 3-4x sales advantage of PSVR over OR probably means PSVR is the most likely choice IF the hardware is strong enough to deliver a decent experience. I think it can happen on rally. Not so easy on rallycross or circuit racing with multiple cars on PS4, which is why I guess we see no F1 or  Pcars2 to date on PSVR. Tough choices for marketeers to make I think. Well, numbers are what drives the industry but, that doesn't sway me toward consoles or away from Sim's. The best VR possible isn't going to satisfy me if the handling i
  5. Suppose it depends what you mean by "VR". If you mean PC then I guess so. Always bearing in mind that PCars2 was released over a year ahead of Dirt Rally. For PSVR, I don't believe there is a VR option on PCars2, so you might argue Dirt Rally is infinitely better :)   Yeah - sorry, I'm not into the console scene at all so I didn't even consider that option. On the PC, Dirt Rally VR is not what I would call a refined VR experience at all but, it is great as a Rally experience in VR as the rather dated RBR is the only other Rally option on PC.
  6. If we look at ProjectCars2 VR and how well it works and runs, it seems pretty obvious that designing the game to run in VR from the start was pretty successful and the title seems to be well optimized for VR and overall. Dirt Rally VR suffers from some performance issues in VR - especially in RallyX mode so it's clear that CM have to do some deeper code work to get the best results. There needs to be a plan for VR from early on with a willingness to design the game engine with that in mind. Tacked-on VR will always come with compromises although, Assetto Corsa's VR does work quite well beyon
  7. It's all about the handling and FFB for some of us and I expect it will be quite good in iRacing but, I despise the subscription service factor so it's not something I would play for the long term.
  8. One problem is that's not actually the fastest line through the curve - just sayin'.  :D
  9. When mod teams are successful, they sometimes evolve into game development studios. Imagine a future where serious Rally titles reach a point where Road-racing titles are at right now. Rally has some way to go despite having a few options right now - the only one that I play is DR because Dirt 4 is . . . well, Dirt4  - and WRC7 and SLRE don't support my hardware. Hardware support is just not an issue on the Road-Racing Sim side. The Sim studios just "get me". :)
  10. Sorry, I meant that as more of a general observation than specific to your point.
  11. Another aspect of racing games and winning is some people are very good at gaming the game, that is leveraging exploits to maximum effect. Personally, that's not why I play games but, it's also why I dislike MP so much; too many players using exploits.  In real life racing, finding advantages can make the difference but, when games provide loopholes for those that choose to use them while others want to drive with more realism and immersion in mind, the playing field becomes very unbalanced.
  12. For a good example of choosing proper lines, check out the tutorials made by Aristotelis (Kunos). While basic, they demonstrate the differences in racing-lines very effectively as well as small setup changes such as optimizing tire pressure and brake-bias.  Watching the video and then putting it into practice in AC really showed me how small differences can make the difference - especially in consistency; my lap-times are so much more consistent than ever before. It's one thing to read about Race-craft and understand the underlying concepts, it's another is to put it into practice using
  13. Again I haven't played much, but I do find it interesting that the triple screen support is actually kind of funky. Much like AC you set up all your monitor parameters, except that it doesn't seem to change the FOV. There's also a really weird thing with clouds I noticed on California Highway, they act like they're forward facing sprites and when they transition from one monitor to another you can see them spin around in a fairly goofy way. But hey, I was right about the AI, they're not great. I'll have to browse the SMS forums for bugs, but most people complained about the AI and said they we
  14. No ruts! They just stop cars from sliding  . . . :p :D
  15. I haven't spent much time in PC2 RallyX yet but, from my initial impressions, I think it could be quite fun. I wanted to get as much time testing tarmac as possible within the 2-hour refund window but, I think I'm going to keep it and explore what the title has to offer. Pcars2 handling isn't on par with AC / rF2 / AMS for me but, it should be fun and the overall handling and FFB is definitely improved over PC1 from my early testing. The car handling quality seems a bit inconsistent but, I have reason to believe I can improve the steering a bit with some further tweaking.
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