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  1. hello reader, 1. nothing serious but if you do a My Team Careermode race and change the livery after that, you´ll be able to already see the changed livery on the highlights where you had the old one. 2. PC 3. Version 1.05 4. Theatre Mode I guess 5. Everytime I start watching this race in theatre mode 6. Nothing. 7. Wheel 8. Nope.
  2. I think the point is that 2019 had the same requirements as F1 2020. Think he and many other people were able to play F1 2019, so why not 2020 then.
  3. I fully agree with you. I mean... they had this Problem in 2018 and fixed that but a little mention regarding old processors may not work would´ve been great. If they fix it for 2020 and say that in 2021 it will not be supported, okay.
  4. Is there any information from Hoo or someone elsehow long it takes to solve it IF they solve it ?
  5. Will it be possible of us to play the game ?
  6. Hi Codies, I bought myself F1 2020 a few days ago and wanted to play it on the 9th of June. After I started the game I skiped the first few animations until the "press any button" screen to get into the mainmenu The moment I press something, the games crashes, everytime. 1. Descripton: I get to the Screen before the Mainmenu where I have to "press any button" and after I do that, the game crashes. 2. Version: 1.03 3. No Gamemode, before the mainmenu 4. Happend everytime I tried it I think 12 times now, every time it is crashing. 5. I tried: Updating drivers, using old ones, reinstalling the game, checking gamedata and even reseted my entire Windows for it. Didn´t help. 6. [File attach] 7. DxDiag [File attach] [Playing on DirectX 11 actually but 12 would run good too. if this is important] 2020-07-11_20-56-40.mov DxDiag.txt
  7. My Game crashes everytime I press a button to get into the mainmenu. As I saw in Steam Discussions, lots of people have that problem.
  8. Yes, why ? Last Years game worked with it too, has same graphic requirments
  9. I can start the game normal, skiü the first few scences until im at the point where I have to press "Any Button" to get into the main menu, then I have blackscreen and the game crashes
  10. Hello reader, just wanted to know if I can play F1 2020 because on Steam and Internet it says that it is exactly the same hardware but for some reason Im scared that I can´t play it. Shouldn´t be a problem, right ?