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  1. LegendarySnipez

    What Are the Best Settings For a Realistic Cockpit Cam?

    The thing i find stupid about the Camera settings is i can't change the TV POD or TV POD OFFSET camera settings it only allows me to change the cockpit settings which is a shame :(
  2. LegendarySnipez

    F1 2019 Game Ideas

    That would be awesome 
  3. LegendarySnipez

    F1 2019 Game Ideas

    F1 2018 was a improvement from 2017 but i have alot of things that want to be in 2019 1. Press conference for every race weekend 2. Be able to talk in the press conferences 3. Young drivers test from 2012-2013 4. Pre season testing 5. Able to wonder through the paddock 6. Formula 2 cars in Classic cars 7. Car Damage Animations 8. Ability to control your car in the pit lane 9. Helmet Design system  10. Free tyre choice all weekends 11. Alot more classic tracks 12. Better ERS System 13. Contract for how many seasons with that team 14. Team radio option so we can talk to our team through voice instead of Muted Chat system