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  1. artworx

    Dlss and sunset

    Yup here too, but now the new version update crom codemasters wont allow me te select dlss option (again) because its removed. hope that it will return in future updates.!!!
  2. Oh WoW all those things, to get this game working without sound stuttering. F1 2018,2019 is the only game that i have problems with.! i play, iracing assetto corsa assetto Corsa competitzione rfactor2 with al those games i dont have any problem.
  3. I have sended the dxdiag with the hardware settings by email. before ik uninstall everything with ddu wich i used several times before. the bios wont be updated anymore because its an old one. Gigabyte sniper g1 B5 16gb DDR xmp profile 1 intel core i5 4460 rtx 2060 gigabyte 750 watt seasonic powersupply
  4. Thanks i will look at it later today
  5. artworx

    Suzuka big bump at the last corner

    Your are 100% right. the jump bump must be removed. Watch Lewis his lap, dont see him bumping/jumping at that corner.
  6. Same here, in the meantime the latatest patch did not solve it.
  7. artworx

    dlss option gone

    hi i in the beta there was the dlss option. in the release of the game its gone... why?