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  1. Oh WoW all those things, to get this game working without sound stuttering. F1 2018,2019 is the only game that i have problems with.! i play, iracing assetto corsa assetto Corsa competitzione rfactor2 with al those games i dont have any problem.
  2. I have sended the dxdiag with the hardware settings by email. before ik uninstall everything with ddu wich i used several times before. the bios wont be updated anymore because its an old one. Gigabyte sniper g1 B5 16gb DDR xmp profile 1 intel core i5 4460 rtx 2060 gigabyte 750 watt seasonic powersupply
  3. Thanks i will look at it later today
  4. artworx

    Fix Suzuka Bump PLS

    Your are 100% right. the jump bump must be removed. Watch Lewis his lap, dont see him bumping/jumping at that corner.
  5. Same here, in the meantime the latatest patch did not solve it.