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  1. solved it by setting my PC sound to Stereo not 7.1
  2. Since the 1.17 update, my co-driver has been giving me the silent treatment. I can get him to talk when there is a tightening turn coming up but then he just stops. I've tried every audio adjustment I can think of. Maybe if I got him drunk, he might loosen up. 😀 I haven't tried putting a different co-driver in the car yet (just thought of that.) Would that work? Just want to mention that the co-driver is about the only gripe I got other than the ffb; although it is better than before, it still is very smooth on tarmac. It's like flying instead of driving. I have a G27 and it
  3. Can I run my TrackIR 5 in this game? I bought D5 and have it installed but disappointed that my TrackIR won't work. Am I missing something?
  4. I cannot log in at all today. I did fine yesterday (Jan. 29) and most of the last week or so. You need to put more servers online. Come on; you can afford it!! 😊
  5. Try http//:racedepartment.com they have people who do skins for just about anything you may want. Also, there is a Skoda R5 skin here if you search for it. I put it in my sim and it works great. Also, Steam has files and info on DR 2 skinning that may help. Val
  6. Hi, I got my binding to work by doing a clean install. My DR 2.0 is now working great. Val
  7. Hello, Ive heard of people who have win 10 try a reset of computer. They, that tried it said game then worked.
  8. got it working now. 🙂 Thanks for the help. I was wondering if TrackIR works for this game? I havent run it since TrackIR came out. Again, thanks! Val
  9. Hello, I am reinstalling Dirt 1 on my new computer and I can get to the point where the PC is trying to load up a race and I get a CTD. I have set the workerMap8Core to the 4 as described but my system is not letting me past a race load w/o a crash. I have an i9-9900K CPU with 16 cores; Win 10 Pro; RTX2080 Ti; and Danza DDR4. I have attached my DxDiag file. I must add that if I have to deactivate hypertheading, I may not do this game anymore... Thank you! Val DxDiag12-15-2019.txt
  10. Hello, I had that problem until I disconnected my Cyborg controller that was on my USB hub. Then I was able to get past loading screen (THAT TIME). I didn't look into the reasoning on the issue because I wanted to upgrade to a better setup which I did. I bought and installed a Fanatec shifter stand alone USB unit. It got rid of the error box but CM's updates of recent, ran me into another problem: no controller binding at the Start Page. I'm now fighting with that. So far, I've only been able to drive one part of a stage one time before the binding problem came up. Been stuck on Star
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