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  1. BMXTerminator

    Race starts SLOW compared to A.I

    Same here, playing no assists since I play sims, but I haven't had even an average start compared to the AI. I have tried everything, but somehow I always get it wrong. 😄
  2. BMXTerminator


    Well, let's just hope that they fix the car handling at high speed as well, because IRL, the cars don't want to kill you at every single turn, they are glued to the ground. And the traction is easier IRL as well since Lando Norris himself spun several times, because he had simply no traction. However, I actually DO like the handling model being more understeery, it's way more realistic then last year's one, so I am thoroughly excited to see the aero improvement.
  3. BMXTerminator


    The track is 0% accurate. It is so slow like it was before the resurfacing. This would be great if it was overlooked, because driving on that track is painful imo.