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  1. Yeah. the T-shirt is sold by Levelupwear and appears to be designed by Shinkawa, so its awesome. I'd also get a beanie along with it
  2. Yeah, phone case is £20 (as it would be custom made) and I obviously do need a phone case. Need to mess around with the site to make sure it looks okay though. Most likely buy that at the end of the month.
  3. Don't know if I should waste my money on:  A MGS action figure A Metal Gear Rex model kit Metal Gear Solid t-shirt & Beanie or a Metal Gear Solid phone case. Someone decide for me? 
  4. Downloading Pro Evolution Soccer 2015 demo on Steam. Hope it's improved on 14 so I can finally buy a football game after having none for years :disappointed: 
  5. Got the same colour as me :smile: . Think Lollipop is due to drop in February. I've just slapped the Google Now Launcher on my phone so it's more like the Nexus phones and I'm loving it.
  6. Unless its Dota or MGS I won't look at it :p
  7. *Deep breath* I have MGS1, MGS2, MGS2:Substance (PC and PS2), MGS3: Snake Eater, MGS3: Subsistence, MGS: HD collection (PS3 and Vita), MGS: The Legacy Collection, MGS: Portable Ops (Physical and digital), MGS: Peace Walker (physical and digital), MGA, MGS4, MGS4: Trophy edition, MGS: Ground Zeroes (PC and PS3). Missing a couple games but happy with that collection so far. Also have a hardback of the comics, the digital version of the MGS1 comic, shot glasses, key chain of foxhound and other random thing. 
  8. A sign I'll spend the entirety of today downloading it again!
  9. So I started up Steam and it froze, Waited 5 minutes but nope, didn't come back. Soft reset the PC. Turned Steam back on, it's deleted DOTA; the only game I'm playing at the moment. FML.
  10. Away to work for some overtime. Yum yum. 5 hours at time and a half is mighty tasty.
  11. As a benefit processor, the chat on here has been quite interesting.
  12. A.) Yes, great bit of kit and is ridiculously underpriced for the amount of time/enjoyment I've gotten from it. B.) Initially used mostly for Netflix, but expanded out to use for YouTube, streaming downloaded stuff from my tablet to ChromeCast, sharing photos and if the G/F and web pages. Also, when I come home from work, I disconnect my headphones and cast my Music onto the TV. What's great is if you have a HDMI port that supports it, your TV will turn on and go to the correct HDMI channel. Awesome. C.) Only use with Chromebook, Computer and Android Table/Phones.
  13. It comes with two different size inserts - one for a caseless phone and one for a phone with the "official" case. I've seen a few case reviews on amazon though with people saying it fits in the slot with that case so it's not much of an issue. Without a case, like how I charge it, it isn't a tight fit. It's quite weird, it sort of centres the phone (guess like a magnet!) to the charging bit in the middle, makes a little ding noise and it starts charging :) No forcing it in, no worrying about damaging the phone, you just lightly drop it in, find the centre with a little help by the magnet and b
  14. Yeah, it is slidy. If you have ever held a Nexus 4, its like that on crack. Stick it in a case though and there is obviously no issue. You just have to be sensible with where you put your phone down really or case it up. Bit of a non-issue if your careful. It won't fly out of your hand though; I haven't got a case yet and apart from the one drop (totally my fault, knowingly put it on a slanted surface) it hasn't flown :p. And yeah, I have the magnetic charger. My g/f has the Z3C and it came with the necessary stuff to switch in the slot for the Z3. It's a totally necessary pick up. You can li
  15. Z3 is working gorgeously @RevolvingPrawn‌ absolutely zero complaints. The screen is beautiful and makes watching YouTube,twitch etc an enjoyable experience. Battery life has been very good, with stamina mode on I'm at 67% and I've had the phone off charge since 6am. In that time I've listened to music for a hour, browsed the Web often etc with screen on 75% brightness. The phone just feels premium. I've dropped it once so far and no marks at all. Runs extremely quick (this is still 4.4.4, lolipop coming Feb). All in all you wouldn't be disappointed with the Z3. If you take care of your
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