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  1. I will join my Toro Rosso Team on Wednesday race!
  2. I think it going to be more like a demolition derby if you turn down settings. Makes ppl more aggressiv in to corner (nothing to lose). Not respecting your line of racing. The reason for damage is to make ppl drive with there head, not there throttle.
  3. I can not race tomorrow. Let some one else take my place för this race.
  4. I will participate in this weeks race! My the force be with me...
  5. Sadly I cant drive today. I have problem with high blod pressure today and driving are not making it better.. I hope to return next Friday.
  6. Who spilled oil on track? So I did piruet out of most corners. Really a bad race for me. Started with fov set at max, and I did get a verrrry long car in cockpit view. Imposible to see where I was turning in to corner. Well done of you that use pads to steer with.
  7. I would like to participate, but I am not sure if I can make it due to my training every Friday at 4.30.. Will see if I can change it to Thursdays. Put me in Torro Roso for now if possible.
  8. And only dead people ask questions here!
  9. I can wait for it! I have Project Cars!! No need for anything else so far! When F1 2015 come, I will see what they will bring, if it is anything to buy and spend time and money on.
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