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  1. DrStrix

    Hardware dashboard - SimHub

    @ GioProduktions: Now u have to explain how u made that one! Looks nice and not so invasive to the body of the wheel. Digging out big holes to fit is not that funny...
  2. DrStrix

    Announcing F1 2015

    And only dead people ask questions here!
  3. DrStrix

    F1 2015 Preview Roundup | Codemasters Blog

    I can wait for it! I have Project Cars!! No need for anything else so far! When F1 2015 come, I will see what they will bring, if it is anything to buy and spend time and money on.
  4. DrStrix

    Announcing F1 2015

    Then they have to wait! As we all do!
  5. DrStrix

    Is it just me?

    Well, I want to race a F1 that is same season as real F1! Not a game that is build on the year before. A release in November with 2014 season is crap. Then the whole season is over  for F1. Better to release it early 2015 with updated cars and tracks and drivers for that season.
  6. DrStrix

    Thrustmaster F458 on F1 2013 on Pc?

    I think it will work.Should be same as my Thrustmaster T500 RS Racing Wheel.