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  1. BadFlounder

    F1 2018 career difficulty - can’t change

    You are able to change it in certain circumstances. I know this because I literally just changed my difficulty on PS4 after Australia. You are right that it is greyed out a lot of the time, but keep checking the option as it does "un-grey" before each race weekend (if I recall correctly). You just can't change it after certain points, but you definitely can adjust this during the season.
  2. The Fanatec CSL Elite has an "Auto" setting in the wheel degrees of rotation setting. When setting the wheel to Auto the game should then apply the particular car's real life degrees of rotation to the CSL Elite wheel. So one car will be 900 degrees versus 540 degrees for another, etc. I know there is soft lock but I feel like that is only half the battle here. As far as I can tell the soft lock only limits the point at which the wheels can no longer turn, but it does not resolve the varying degrees of rotation from car to car. This same problem existed in Dirt 4, although not in Dirt Rally. Dirt Rally actually worked properly with this setting, however, it is worth noting that the CSL Elite runs in compatibility mode for that game (purple light). Having this feature supported would be nice for those of us that prefer to drive the cars as close to their natural settings as possible versus driving all set to one wheel rotation setting, or having to adjust the wheel settings for every car (which I do currently). The "auto" feature could resolve this. See Gran Turismo Sport for a game that is properly supporting this "auto" setting in the CSL Elite. In that game, with "Auto" enabled, the in-game steering wheel matches the CSL Elite perfectly so you don't have to change the wheel settings when going from a modern GT3 car to a LeMans prototype, etc. Thanks for your time.