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  1. I wouldn't go there if you plan to use a wheel, and especially a Fanatec set up. Xbox has subpar Fanatec wheel support when compared to PS4 or PC (at least in my experience). Specifically, the problem is that the Xbox OS does not fully implement the Fanatec SDK so F1 2020 (or any racing game for that matter) will not recognize any of the extra wheel buttons beyond the "controller buttons" on the Fanatec rims. So, for example, the higher-end Fanatec F1 rims come with tons of extra buttons that you can map to anything on PC or PS4. It is awesome, but it's not supported on an Xbox. Shoot, ev
  2. The Fanatec DD1 is great and it is compatible with Xbox One, but that is probably overkill for racing on an Xbox One. I own a Fanatec DD1 PS4 wheel and have used it on PS4, XB1, and PC. It’s a superb wheel and I’ve loved owning it, but I only race on PS4 and PC these days. There are frustrating limitations with Fanatec wheels in Xbox One racing games. This is a Microsoft problem that they never went back and fixed. The Xbox One has a little bit more limited wheel support with Fanatec compared to PS4, and certainly PC. Most of Fanatec’s nicer wheel options offer several extra buttons
  3. Why? I race on both PC and console using an RSeat rig and Fanatec DD1 with several different Fanatec rims and I have more fun with my PS4 racing games than I do with any PC game. The easy plug-and-play nature of the console experience is just invaluable. PC, as fun as it can be, is often a pain in the neck (companion programs, devices stop working, driver issues, etc). I do still enjoy PC as well, but personally I’ll take the convenience of my console 9 out of 10 times. Btw, my advice is to add a round wheel to your set up. The quick release system on Fanatec is fantastic and you can
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