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  1. The Fanatec DD1 is great and it is compatible with Xbox One, but that is probably overkill for racing on an Xbox One. I own a Fanatec DD1 PS4 wheel and have used it on PS4, XB1, and PC. It’s a superb wheel and I’ve loved owning it, but I only race on PS4 and PC these days. There are frustrating limitations with Fanatec wheels in Xbox One racing games. This is a Microsoft problem that they never went back and fixed. The Xbox One has a little bit more limited wheel support with Fanatec compared to PS4, and certainly PC. Most of Fanatec’s nicer wheel options offer several extra buttons that simply can’t be used on Xbox One because the Xbox does not fully implement the Fanatec SDK. PC obviously gives you the best functionality and ability to map all buttons, but even on PS4 you are able to make use of several more buttons as the PS4 properly supports the Fanatec SDK. For example, you are free to map L2/R2 to different functions on PS4 because the gas/brake pedals register as unique inputs. On Xbox Fanatec supported wheels, the LT/RT are hard coded to gas/brake. In other words, you lose two face buttons. Maybe not the end of the world depending on your racing preferences but it can make a difference in games like F1 or PC2 where you need the extra buttons on your wheel for pit limiter, fuel adjustments, DRS, etc. Just something to consider. The wheel does officially support Xbox so it’s certainly usable but I’d consider the limitations first before spending that much on a wheel and being disappointed with the missing functionality. There have been a lot of posts on here and other places from people who bought the fancy Formula V2 wheel for their Fanatec wheelbase only to find out that they can’t use any of the extra buttons when racing on Xbox One. Even worse, those same formula wheels do support all the extra buttons when used on PS4 in F1 2019. Very frustrating for the Xbox One only racers out there!
  2. On PS4, yes. On Xbox One, no. The difference is in how the consoles implement the Fanatec SDK. The PS4 simply offers more support for the Fanatec wheels; pedals register as separate inputs from controller buttons, etc. This has always been a frustrating limitation on Xbox One, but as has been correctly mentioned, it’s a Microsoft problem. It’s that way on every single racing game on Xbox One (when using wheel peripherals you are limited to the xbox controller face buttons and things like throttle and brake are hard coded to LT/RT, etc). Hopefully Microsoft fix this for their next generation console.
  3. I'm amazed that people are still going with this inaccurate info. It's never been a Codemasters issue. It is a Microsoft/Xbox problem and always has been. The problem is the Xbox does not fully implement/support the Fanatec SDK. This is a problem for every single racing game on Xbox if you use a Fanatec base. Your RT/LT are hard coded as gas/brake unlike on PS4 where those L2/R2 can be re-assigned to other functions as the pedals are separate inputs. People keep bringing up PC2 but that's an apples to oranges comparison. That is resolved via a workaround using keyboards, etc. The hard-coded controller face button limitations are still a problem all the same. Again, it's at the OS level on the Xbox, not in any game. People need to be complaining on the Xbox forums on Microsoft.com and demanding that Xbox properly support the Fanatec SDK. That would solve the problem.
  4. Why? I race on both PC and console using an RSeat rig and Fanatec DD1 with several different Fanatec rims and I have more fun with my PS4 racing games than I do with any PC game. The easy plug-and-play nature of the console experience is just invaluable. PC, as fun as it can be, is often a pain in the neck (companion programs, devices stop working, driver issues, etc). I do still enjoy PC as well, but personally I’ll take the convenience of my console 9 out of 10 times. Btw, my advice is to add a round wheel to your set up. The quick release system on Fanatec is fantastic and you can easily swap the rims out in seconds. You don’t need the locking screw if you are using the quick release so you can just pop the rims off and on as needed. I’ve found having a round rim for rally use to be a huge asset. Using a round rim, I’ve found it helpful to be able to let the wheel quickly spin back through your hand on hairpins, etc. Something I couldn’t do when using my F1 or McLaren rims. I’m interested to see how your times go as you get used to the wheel. I was a pad only racer for years before switching a couple years ago. For rally specifically, i haven’t found much of an improvement in times but using the wheel is a lot more fun. It’s more about the immersion factor. I did find improved times on GT Sport and other track games, but not a dramatic difference. It’s just easier to be more consistent with a wheel....and it’s a lot more immersive!
  5. BadFlounder

    Why "New England" and not "Washington"?

    That’s interesting information but I doubt anyone is too concerned about it outside of a handful of people in Washington state. Or vice verse. They could have named it Washington and used New England roads, etc. It’s not like F1 where licensing and recreation of real tracks/locations as seen on television is important.
  6. BadFlounder

    Dirt psvr pro

    Optimization is not the problem. Comparing VR to non-VR games is like comparing apples to oranges. VR requires a LOT more rendering power. Dirt Rally looks as good as they could manage given the system. Remember that in VR the PS4 has to render two images (one for each eye). The amount of graphical power required obviously goes up dramatically. Simply put, the PS VR does not have the power to drive these games near the same graphical level as in non-VR. I wouldn't count out VR eventually coming to Dirt Rally 2.0. While it does not appear viable on PS4 or PS4 Pro, I wouldn't be surprised to see it eventually on PS5 with PS VR2.
  7. Why would Codemasters change this for a single user? That doesn't really make sense. If the lights are part of the actual dash at that point and they are supposed to work then they should remain that way in the game, despite your personal situation. There are things we all have to adjust to depending on our personal set ups, etc. When I had my CSL Elite I had rev lights onscreen, on the base, and on the rim. I didn't think to ask Codemasters to disable them in the game (which would affect everyone else) just so I would find it less distracting. C'mon now. lol
  8. BadFlounder

    Game is STUPID

    What an amazing thread title. "Game is stupid." LMAO Please get some help for your anger issues, friend. You have like 6 threads on the front page FFS. Get a grip.
  9. BadFlounder

    This is getting ridiculous.

    And yet all you whiners will be right there again next year to buy the game all over again. If you want to complain about something I would begin there. Nothing will change until that changes. And hey, I get it, I'm right there along with you guys....but that's the reality. 😉
  10. BadFlounder

    Patch Notes for 1.09 – Discussion Thread

    Use the compatibility mode (PS4 Comp). Make sure you change it before starting the game, if you change it in game it will not recognize it. That mode will work as a workaround and the wheel will show up as a CSL Elite in the game settings. It's not ideal, but at least it is a usable workaround for now. I must admit that now being able to use ALL the buttons on the F1 rim is a real joy. I'm using the top left paddle for DRS now, the right dial for fuel mode, etc. It's a blast!
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    There are multiple threads about it. They are aware and working on a fix. In the meantime, we can use the “PS4 Comp” (compatibility) mode as a workaround. I realize that’s not ideal, but at least it can work until they restore full functionality.
  12. BadFlounder

    Patch Notes for 1.09 – Discussion Thread

    It is the Share button and Triangle button. On the Podium F1 rims it will be the bottom left button (in the three buttons at bottom center of wheel) and the middle button in the cluster at top right of the wheel. It's not a great workaround IMHO since this mode just mimics a CSL Elite, but at least the wheel works! That's better than nothing until they can restore full functionality.
  13. Thank you for the update!
  14. That doesn’t work, and even if it did that isn’t a solution. The wheel should work in PS4 mode......you know.....LIKE IT DID EVERY OTHER DAY BEFORE THE PATCH. FFS. What an absurd comment. I take it you don’t realize that the PS4 Comp mode just mimics a CSL Elite? So the solution is just to turn your direct drive wheel into a CSL Elite? 😂
  15. I would but the update completely broke functionality with my Podium DD1 PS4 wheel. The game no longer even recognizes it. I hope CM at least acknowledge the problem at some point. VERY disappointed. As for the buttons, that's unfortunate. I'd prefer the rocker switches were enabled over the rotary encoders, but I suppose any extra buttons is an improvement. I'd sure like to test it, but my set up is dead in the water until the next update I guess.
  16. Yep, and I've complained directly to Fanatec support about that in the past. Back in the days of the CSW 2.5 this was an issue, and the little disclaimers they have added at the bottom of their pages didn't exist back when I was complaining to Fanatec support about this. The hilarious thing is they didn't even believe me at first and asked me to send in videos of the problem from my CSW 2.5 and CSL Elite P1 rim. lol Eventually they told me it was a problem with Microsoft and how they implement wheel support in the Xbox itself. Okay, fine, but then don't advertise full functionality when that is simply not the case. If you are going to put ALL the Xbox face buttons on the McLaren GT3 rim, for example, and then say it's "Officially Xbox compatible".....then I expect that all those buttons will actually work in the XBOX OS, in games, etc. But as we know, that's simply not the case. Very frustrating for Xbox only racers out there. I doubt they are working on a solution. Again, this was something I complained to Fanatec about over 2 years ago. The Xbox OS itself is the problem and if they haven't fixed it this late in the XB1 cycle then I highly doubt that's going to change. By comparison, this problem doesn't exist to the same degree on PS4. On my PS4 the pedals come in as separate inputs, which allows you to map ALL the wheel face buttons to various actions in games. Not all the extra buttons, but at least all the native PlayStation buttons including L2/R2 since they aren't hard coded to pedals like on Xbox. The best hope is that they resolve this for the next Xbox, which we know will support the Fanatec product line. We'll see.
  17. The other BIG SURPRISE is that the Fanatec Podium DD1 PS4 wheel no longer works with the game. I mean, yeah, I'd love to have my extra buttons available....but can I at least get back a working wheel at this point??
  18. BadFlounder

    Patch Notes for 1.09 – Discussion Thread

    I agree. It's frustrating all around. Codemasters will need to clarify if this is PS4 only or not. I just know from experience that the Xbox does have some built-in limitations regarding button support on Fanatec products and it does differ from PS4 in that regard. So this might be out of Codemasters control. We'll see if that is the case. I was all excited to try my Podium DD1 PS4 rim out to see if the additional buttons now work on my F1 rim, but the entire wheel base is no longer recognized in F1 2019! Ugh. One step forward, two steps back.
  19. BadFlounder

    Patch Notes for 1.09 – Discussion Thread

    FWIW Xbox does have additional limitations with Fanatec products at the XB1 OS level. This is why you don't get separate inputs for gas/brake (those are hard coded to LT/RT in games). This differs from PS4, for example. On PS4 the pedals register as unique inputs from Fanatec products, which then allows custom remapping of those wheel face buttons (L2/R2) in most games. This is a frustrating limitation from Microsoft and how they make use of the SDK, per Fanatec support. Used to drive me crazy when trying to play PC2 on XB1 and missing 4 face buttons from the wheel compared to my PS4. Anyway, I have no idea if Codemasters can work around that limitation or not, but I wouldn't be surprised if the limited SDK support makes supporting the additional buttons more difficult on Xbox. Well see.
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    Patch Notes for 1.09 – Discussion Thread

    Guys, did you test with the Fanatec Podium DD1 PS4 rim? Because this wheel is no longer recognized in the game, and no it's not my wheel. It works fine in the PS4 OS and in other games (GT Sport, etc). This worked fine in F1 2019 before this patch.