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  1. Serious bugs like ai don't move on Q, ai super speed in fast corners, critical bugs passed over....
  2. Sooo, been 2 weeks no news on the topic. Will we have any real patches before xmax, I am not including the 1.13 hotfix for the ffb loss @BarryBL
  3. Thx for the mod. Sadly have to use such metods to play offline. @BarryBL any update, still being worked on ?
  4. Season 3 MyTeam, having to adjust every track on the fly... to much. Basically stopped playing offline modes.
  5. I have the same issue PC 1.04. My Team. Have it on Canada, France, Austria. Expecting to retire and then nothing. Settings are Standard and High to have mechanical failures. Only one I had was an ERS with no overtake for like 10 laps in Spain. Since then nothing.
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