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  1. Same here, Sweeden stages with heavy snow are unplayable because everything is so overbright and white that you can barely see the road. It's the same feeling that driving at night stages with no lights. I played these same stages on Dirt Rally 1 and they were perfect. By the way, I had to purchase Steam version to get these stages, Oculus store app has no option to purchase DLCs.
  2. - Purchased from Oculus Store - Oculus Rift S with Oculus Home ( - AMD Ryzen 1800X, GeForce Titan X Pascal (driver 436.48), 32 GB RAM - Standard user - Thrustmaster TS-PC wheel and pedals - Windows 10 Pro 1903 (18362.356), Spanish language Still no sound at all from the Oculus version. I already reported it on the 1.7 VR Feedback and 1.8 VR Feedback threads and it's not yet fixed. This sounds like a joke (no pun intended), I should have refunded the game as soon as I bought it. Clearly it only affects some users and Codemasters i
  3. Yes, that works for me too... I can't believe it only affects a very small fraction of Oculus users, but it's there, there are lots of reports. And not a single word from Codemasters about it.
  4. 1.8.1 is not available at Oculus Home, and 1.9 patch notes don't say anything about the no sound problem that is affecting some Oculus users (but I'm glad there are fixes for the audio cutting mid-stage). I guess they didn't manage to replicate it.
  5. Can't believe that the no audio issue of the Oculus Home version has not yet been fixed. Some Oculus users have to create a Steam shortcut and launch the game from there to get audio from the game, otherwise it's completely muted, no sound on the menus and no sound from the races. I already reported it with 1.7, some other users confirmed the issue and there is a reddit thread talking about the issue. https://www.reddit.com/r/oculus/comments/cnx507/dirt_20_oculus_version_no_audio/ Please Codemasters, fix this extremely annoying problem, the Steam shortcut is just a workaround.
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