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  1. Apologies if this is not the issue but you must be driving a car you own online and it must be in your RaceNet club livery to earn club XP and have your club tag by your name.
  2. Wait a sec...are you telling us that the option to turn off online flash backs does not/will not exist??
  3. Lol, but surely the time taken to perform a flashback and get taken back will be more than it would to just rejoin the track and carry on? Or I assume people only flash back if damage is enabled in the lobby and they wreck their car... Anyway, not a fan of the idea online flash backs, it just ain't right, takes away the spirit and challenge of racing!
  4. I'm confused about the online flash backs. I know how they work in single player as they were in the F1 series. How do they work online? If somebody decides to use a flash back during in an online race, what happens? All players get taken back to the flash back point? Or does only the player using it get taken back to a certain point?
  5. I don't really understand, they didn't have time to include it?  Surely when designing/creating the HUD a rear view mirror is a priority, they are kind of important... I like/need to see what's going on behind me at certain points when I'm racing. Arrows don't really cut it when racing bumper to bumper, door to door.   Can we expect them in an update?
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