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  1. @TheCulac Always nice to have more options, and yours looks really, really nice. Good job!! 

    Looking foward to the additional window, you're developing, with Throttle, Brake, Clutch and Wheel ( I'd move the Handbrake, RPM, Speed and Gears, to this  2nd window. Gear numbers need to be bigger ). What about Turbo? 

    Do you have a link to download your tool?

  2. 4 minutes ago, Riggs said:

    (...) A lot of people is crying due to RaceNet connection problems that were fixed already.

    Racenet connection problems aren't fixed, at least, not completely. Today i got my Rally Career (with 1 Event/4 Rallies left to finish Open) being reset due to "discrepancy between Local and Racenet saves ". They need to ( completely ) fix this ASAP.

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  3. Does anyone feels some kind of Steering Lag, driving on Poland? What is puzzling me is it only happens driving in this Country. Doesn't matter what stage or what car.

    I've G27, 360 DOR in Logitech Profile, Linearity -2, and 100 Saturation in-game ( Steam ).

    @ChristinaMc Why is Steering Sensitivity greyed out ( locked at 50 ), for my wheel, if is supported? Let me change that option, please.

  4. Alf72 said:
    Sorry if someone already asked this, i didn't read every post...

    @ChristinaMc can you guarentee us that DR 2.0 will be a Steam game at launch, on PC, and Codies will not switch, at last minute, or do an exclusive deal with Epic store?

    Confirmed on the previous page, fear not. I've no idea what this new thing is but glad to hear DR is staying on Steam.
    Thanks for confirmation. The issue with Epic is that they are grabbing all the big game releases, and making them exclusive to Epic store. See Division 2 and Metro Exodus... and if Steam doesn't do something, sadly, more will follow.

  5. JZStudios said:

    From Facebook; this was news to me and glad to hear it! Hopefully this really penalises 'resets' too.
    Hmm, pretty sure it'll still be mostly "simulated" damage as opposed to visual, like DR and D4.
    I mean, that's cool I guess though, but being retired for damage when it looks brand new is... ehhh.
    That's all I'm hoping for, I rarely see the outside of the car if I go off anyway. Conversely, I always found it really weird that my car could arrive at the finish line in a crumpled heap but 30 seconds ahead of anyone else (in Dirt 4 that is). Basically, I just want it to take less to mess up suspension.
    The main damage I want to see is wheel geometry and suspension (...)
    Damaged Gears / Gearbox aswell

  6. tbtstt said:
    bogani said:
      tbtstt said:
    AIPacino said:
    I'm getting concerned with the late 90s/early 2000s group not getting any changes or news.
    Yeah, I'd love to see more cars from the 2000's in game but, for whatever reason, this seems to a difficult era to acquire cars from. 

    This game truly deserves to have the 97/98 Subaru Impreza(S1Evo22B etc)


    The S4 or S5 Impreza WRC is top of my car wish list. 


    (The S11 and S12b would also be awesome additions as well)
    Best looking Subaru Impreza of all time, period. I'd give anything to have this car in DR 2.0

    I can't get tired listening the Turbo whistling


  7. JLUO said:
    carpa said:
    Anyone else having issues signing into the forum on mobile using Steam login?
    Yep, me too. Using ANY tipe of login, to be honest...
    I know this is not the Forum Login Suppor thread, but I had problems with login too for some time, until I realised where I should click after I log in. Here is a screenshot. I just kept clicking the "Sign in" button.

    Exactly same thing is happening with me, in the last ~2 weeks, logging through desktop. After signing in, to REALLY get logged in, i need to hit that "Sign in with Accounts".