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  1. Ah nice one mate! My OCD was kicking in!
  2. Quick query to anyone that knows - i've read all unread mail in the in game F1 mailbox, yet the icon continues to flash. Is this normal, a bug or am i missing something? I've circled it in the image in the green. Cheers!
  3. Ah, I’ve found it. Thanks for pointing it out. Genuinely didn’t see it on PC let alone on smartphone. Mods/Admin - would it be possible to have a dedicated forum thread please? Cheers!
  4. PCotgrave

    Patch Notes?

    Fresh install on Series X earlier this morning and on booting up this evening, there's a 642mb update for the game. Can't find any patch notes - any ideas? Cheers!
  5. We're re-opening our doors to compete. Established since 2015, we've organised and ran a competitive league within the F1 Franchise over the course of the last 5 years. Unfortunately during the latter stages of COVID-19, we took a break to recharge our batteries for various reasons. We're now back and opening our doors again for drivers to come forward and join up once more, be it seasoned or rookie or old or new. We want you to get involved! We strive for an old fashioned style community, a website; forum and to be part of a community who pushes us forward to strive for more whilst
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