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  1. Just a word to say I work on a completely new version with the new performance update. It will add a more tuned setup for each tracks: Track specific setup based of your skill (so IA will be faster on track you play well and slower on tracks you mess). Track specific setup based on universal skill (still adjusted track by track, but based on top 10 time trial time, so if you are better on some tracks, you will perform better against this specific IA). I'm just waiting at least one week for time trial charts become more representative for version 2. There still we
  2. 25% race length is shorter than a sprint race. There is no pitstops during a sprint race. But in game, the pitstop is a mandatory. Even you you increase tire wear, it won't works: during a 50% race length, you will have only half the time to gain time on track to offset an extra pitstop since the pitstop will cost the same time whatever the length of the race. So the 1 pitstop strategy is always the better for race bellow 100% length and it's will be stay the same except if you increase the tire wear more than the race lenght: 50% race length -> tire wear x4 25% race lenght -
  3. No. This column is the modifier of the track . For exemple, if you calculate you want to play with 85 AI on a normal track (depends of your time, of how challenging you want the game, and if you want realistic or a custom setup of the blue & red table), at Monaco you should decrease it 10 points so set it at 75. The multiplayer car is the Mercedes. If you use your career car, choose the car that are the closest of yours on the development graph and choose your goal in the blue & red table. Then, use the N column to adjust this difficulty depending of the track. For exemple, with m
  4. Updated with track relative correction (I don't check all tracks, I just guess it).
  5. Don't send me notification in Google. Please copy it and you can edit your copy.
  6. Hello everyone. I just made a guide to choose the level of the AI difficulty. Here the link to a google sheets: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/15fnSA19mXF4_Ix0hSGvC9BTooXjuoo_lcgqYsrnFMKQ/edit?usp=sharing Copy it to edit. Do you best time in time trial with the Mercedes or the Multiplayer car with your best custom setting on Barcelona track. Put the time in seconds in the yellow cell. The difficulty you have to set to having a realistic performance is calculated below. If you want to have another goal for exemple trying to score points with a Williams of playing only the
  7. As I'm used to play without ABS and with medium TC, if I puit them on and full, I'm slower because of the weight penalty of the assists.
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