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  1. This year, Germany was good due to rain (applies to any track), Hungary was good due to alternating tyre stratergies (applies to any track). Both still **** to drive in game. Squirt & brake is all you do.
  2. As a suggestion for F1 2020, could Codies bring back retired tracks from modern F1, in the next game? Eg India was a great track and would like to drive that in say a single GP, non career mode. Or if possible (licensing reasons) add to a career mode? Especially if we could replace say the go-kart borefest tracks of Germany & Hungary.
  3. Rup

    Anyone else despise Monaco?

    Monaco/Hungary/Hokenheim awful, boring go-kart tracks.
  4. Rup

    Lovin F1 2019

    Just a quick post to say thanks Codies for F1 2019. Really enjoying playing it, the GFX especially the lighting is great, much better than 2018. DX12 is huge improvement, runs great on my Radeon Vega.
  5. Rup

    Which is the best F1 game so far?

    In terms of pure racing actually 2015. Also the best graphics. However 2013 for all the extra content eg historic F1 cars.