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  1. Have swithced off motion blur in menu, still seems on especially in replays. Makes them look awful. Hopefully codies will fix.
  2. On F1 2020 works fine using the wireless mode & not the bluetooth mode. Guess they listened to my complaint :)
  3. Ok now I've bought a bluetooth dongle for my pc it works better in F1 2019. Still not perfect eg F5 & F6 turn off Bluetooth, but better.
  4. Yes, My wireless MS keyboard works fine, it's just that the K83 is much nicer.
  5. Thanks for Geek uninstaller suggestion steviejay69. Tried, sadly no luck. Will have to use wheel 4 in game control or my old & crapy ms wireless keyboard. Shame as the K83 is otherwise great.
  6. I have previosusly updated the firmware and installed icue software, same issue. It works fine in other games so there is something odd about F1. With a sim rig it's good to use a wireless keyboard with trackpad & so is a common problem for F1 players. Ofcourse if codies put in a proper mouse driver for the pc version (like most other sims) that'd help!
  7. Just changed my wireless keyboard from the Microsoft Media keyboard to the Corsair K83 Wireless Entertainment Keyboard. No other changes. The Corsair will not work at all in F12020. It tells me to setup a new profile for it but I can't even acknowledge the OK prompt to start this. If I use the steering wheel to try to setup a profile the game does not accept any inputs from the K83 so I can't proceed. I've seen one other bug report with the exact same issue with the K83. Hopefully Codies or someone else can help. Thanks
  8. In terms of pure racing actually 2015. Also the best graphics. However 2013 for all the extra content eg historic F1 cars.
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