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  1. Xbox One I want to invite my friend to Co Op career but when i click the option only about a third of my friend list loads, and hes not one of them. I waited for over an hour and a half while it "loaded" and still nothing. Very frustrating as I want to play with him. Here is a clip of my issue here. https://gamerdvr.com/gamer/carsey-0111/video/145055473
  2. Hi Barry. I tried this and no luck. My force feedback will continuously cut out every so often and when this happens the game doesn’t pick up me turning the wheel. Makes the game completely undrivable. This only happens online. I can send you a clip if you need. Thrustmaster TX wheel. Any idea how to fix this?
  3. I got my PC a week ago today and downloaded f1 2020 on it. For a few days I had no troubles at all and have been able to play online with my friends with no difficulties. However starting yesterday I have been unable to connect to online and have been given the error code 1008:H. How can I fix this?
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