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  1. I could not agree more with the statement made by iosis. Being unable to invite friends to ranked lobbies is really bad for community building as there is just nothing to do anymore other than doing league racing and social races. It was great fun just teaming up with a few guys and find some other random people to race with. Sure, the racing has never been clean, but as it was only 5-lappers it was bearable, and still mostly a fun experience. Please CM, let us invite friends to Rankeds again!
  2. Greetings Champion, If you are tired of dirty racing in Online Lobbies, or only racing offline you came to the right place! Wheel2Wheel Racing League is recruiting for its very first season in F1 2019 and therefore looking for mature and clean drivers. What is important to us is that we enforce clean racing all the time, while still encouraging people to compete in exciting “Wheel2Wheel” battles, and also make the experience for the drivers as authentic and immersive as possible by building a community, around our website, forum, and discord, as well as producing content around the league, such as highlight videos, articles etc. ! The season has started already, and both tiers are currently full. However, we are still looking for reserve drivers for both tiers. As reallife happens there's some no-shows each week. So even as a reserve driver you'll get to drive most of the races ! League information: Assists allowed: Traction Control: Full, ABS: On, Racing Line, Automatic Gears Races take place on Monday 9 pm CEST (ETA 4 weeks after the release of F1 2019 The league is using the standard calendar (first race: Australia) We have casters for both our tiers, who also do interviews with the drivers etc. We also intend to produce further content in the future. How To apply: There’s a detailed guide on how to apply on our Website: http://wheel2wheel.racing/index.php?article/1-how-to-apply-for-a-spot-in-the-wheel2wheel-racing-league It is now also possible to apply on our Website without creating an account by filling out this form: http://wheel2wheel.racing/index.php?application/ Social Media: Website: https://wheel2wheel.racing Twitch: https://twitch.tv/w2wracing YouTube: https://youtube.com/user/w2wracing We hope to see you soon on the grid! If there is any questions feel free to contact on https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198030280279/ steam or join our Discord https://discord.gg/Dt8C3Py
  3. Up! The Season has started yesterday, but we still got spots in both tiers to fill, as well as reserve drivers. Feel free to apply.
  4. Up! Season starting tomorrow, last chance to secure a spot. 1 moe for tier 1 and another one for tier 2.
  5. Up! We have 1 more space for tier 1 and 3 for tier 2. Apply now and be part of the league when we start into the season next week! (22/07/19) 🙂
  6. Up! Evaluation races on the 15th / 17th. Sign up now, for a full-time driver seat in one of our tiers ! 🙂
  7. Up! In 2 weeks the season will start. Sign up now to be part of it!
  8. Up! We will have our Evaluation races next week. Perfect time for you to sign up, right before the season starts, if you enjoy clean racing! 🙂