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  1. @PJTierney what’s so confusing??? I’m more than happy to discuss this with you.
  2. @BarryBL while we have your attention on the “ranked” racing please do all of us dying for CM to wake up & realize we live in a “multiplayer” age. For the past three years or more, CM has done NOTHING to improve multiplayer racing in their F1 series. NOTHING!!! Please stop focusing all your attention on the my team & career modes. CM needs to completely revamp their approach to multiplayer modes. 1. take a page from GT Sport and make ranked races start on a time schedule instead whenever people join a race. Every 15 or 20 minutes for 5 lap races. Every 30 or 40 minutes for 25% races. 2. Add a greater distance than the 25% as an option. Something like 40% or 50% races. 3. separate us by how many assist we use. No assist players only racing against other no assist racers. 1 assist players race against only other 1 assist racers, 2 assist players only race against other 2 assist racers. 3 assist players only race against other 3 assist racers. 4. completely revamp you ranking system. If you behave poorly, you should be put in with only other poor players. Earn the right/respect to race against other players who have demonstrated that they can race cleanly & respectfully. If you drive like a jackass, be put in the pool with the rest of the bad racers & earn your way out. 5. stop including feature events as multiplayer. They are NOT multiplayer. As for “esport” racing, freaking make them multiplayer not “glorified” single player featured events. these are just a few items off the top of my head. There is a lot more issues for CM to tackle. Do us a favor & go into Lee Mather’s office and tell him enough is enough & it’s time to jump out of the early 2000’s and into the 2020’s. For the the love of god, wake up & smell the coffee, CM is years behind other developers. If not decades!!!! You guys are only hurting yourselves & your shareholders. If you build it, they will come. Meaning, if CM finally gave us what we have been asking for years, you might sell more game & make more money. One last thing. Stop “host migration” format & build dedicated severs. Stop making us rely on some else’s internet connection to race online. It’s been over 3 years since I’ve even attempted a ranked race as they are beyond horrible!!
  3. Getts0388

    Track limits

    @Olavstar please keep in mind that CM’s F1 2020 is a video game and NOT a simulator. The track limits on strict setting is there to insure we are all playing on an even playing field. Cross the white lines with more then 2 tires & gaining time, you are out of bounds. You can get away with it if you do not gain time, sometimes. I have no problems with the the track limits as they are. If you are looking for “real life” limits, you must look elsewhere, you will not find it in this video game. I believe CM uses the white lines as the limits to make sure we all know where the line is while playing. In doing this there is no question where the line is and if you went too far a out of bounds. The white line clearly defines the track limits for an entire lap. Please do not take offense to this but this has been brought up in numerous post before. There has to be a limit somewhere in order to keep it fair for us who choose to race in any of the online modes, including TT, weekly events, esports, leagues and ranked rooms. Again, this is an entry level video game & not a simulator. You will not find this level of realism in a $70 a year video game. I suggest iRacing if you really want realism. It is a simulator, which you will spend more money to participate in, but you will find it more inline with real life. In no way am I trying to offend you, so please don’t be mad at me.
  4. Getts0388

    Movable brake markers

    @Redshock your comment about the racing line taking away realism of the game is understandable but adding user definable braking points is just as unreal as the racing line. If you want to go for realism, you need to be using the corner distance markers &/or other points/objects around the track to decide where it is best for you to brake given your driving style. I’m sorry, but I feel adding these would increase the level of unrealism. It is on the driver to practice & remember his braking points. Otherwise, by adding these adjustable braking points it is just adding another assist to the game. There’s more then enough assist already. Did not mean to offend you in any way if you feel I’m being offensive in any way. The braking points really become muscle memory with enough practice.
  5. Getts0388

    Understeer in 'slow' corners.

    @Scrogs using a manual transmission & down shifting correctly will help a lot with getting the car to rotate. Manual trans will also improve your braking by shortening your overall braking distance needed to slow the car for corners. I find using the manual tranny a key component to achieving faster lap times. Good luck & I hope this helps you. One last thing, switch to a wheel, it’s a completely different world.
  6. Getts0388

    Strict corner cutting in F1 2020

    @Sennup I disagree with you, strict is exactly what it means, once a third tire touches or crosses the white lines, you have exceeded the track limits. If you don’t like strict rules, turn them off. Please also keep in mind that this is a video game and not a simulator. You will not find what happens in real life totally implemented in this game. There has to be a limit in order to keep it fair for all of us. I find very little if any difference in between 2019 & 2020 track limits. I’m sorry but there must be a limit to how far you can leave the track. Even in real life they are cracking down on track limits. In no way am I trying to give you a hard time or be jerk, strict is strict, no more then 2 tires off the track & the line is well defined. Cross the line & that lap is invalidated. It is what is. Again, no bad feelings intended.
  7. Getts0388

    Monza weekly event not functional bug report

    @RedDevilKT It seems to be working now. I will not know for sure until Friday when I go to qualify. I do know that as long as each day the number of people who have qualified goes up, it's working. Last week for Spa it said 328 people qualified for the race from like Tuesday through the entire rest of the week. So I will be checking to make sure this number is going up every day. Thanks for fixing it for us. However, I was extremely looking forward to the Spa event last week, which appears to have been a dry start and wet finish. Can you put it back into the lineup? Spa in the rain is awesome!!!!
  8. Getts0388

    cannot drive into pit

    Turn off the steering assist or use the MFD to let your team know that you want to pit. There have been numerous conversations about this and the end result is that it is by design and you are being forced to stay on the track due to the assist.
  9. Getts0388

    Monza weekly event not functional bug report

    @RedDevilKT thanks for the heads up. I will check as soon as I get home from work.
  10. @BarryBL Last weeks F1 2019 weekly event at Spa did NOT allow qualifying or the race to take place due to ALL platforms having error code 500:H Now this weeks event at Monza is already being reported. Here the best official bug report I can do while at work using my phone. game version: F1 2019 rev 1.22 (I think, or whatever that latest is) platform: PS5 (all 3 platforms affected) mode: Monza weekly event qualifying issue: can run all three practice sessions but cannot qualify for event due to error code 500:H. Corrective measures: I’ve tried resetting my PS4 & my internet. There is nothing I can do. The issue is not on my side. Please, let the community know that you are aware of the issue & what the plan is. Are you fixing it or are there no more 2019 events??? Something.....
  11. Getts0388

    Weekly Event error KMR4

    @Furstated1 i too have the same issue with the ps4 version. It has said 328 people qualified for the Spa event for days now. It did not capture my points for the qualifying practice program during fp3, would not allow me to qualify myself due to same error code. I just checked now to see if I can get into the first race at noon & once again I get that same error code. You are 100% correct when you stated it’s frustrating to practice for days only to be denied a chance at qualifying & the race. Thanks Codemasters!!! Way to ruin a weekend.
  12. Getts0388

    Weekly Event

    @Furstated1 What I said about the first corner was just general advice as I had just read another post on the forum about a guy who said he got ran over in the first corner at Japan last week in the rain, in every race he ran. I was not in any way calling you out. I was just putting it out there for all to read, hoping some others will realize the dive bombing the first corner can kill a race. Sorry if I offended you, did not mean to do so. Was more in fun.
  13. Getts0388

    Weekly Event

    @Furstated1 A couple things here to try help you with an answer to your question. 1- this is the F1 2020 forum & your screenshot is of this past weeks F1 2019 featured event. Try using the 2019 forum when asking questions about that version. 2- the information that you are asking for is available while the event is active. Just go to the event information screen while in the multiplayer/weekly event screen. It will show a breakdown of the trophies & the percentage you need to get each. It auto cycles through them while in the event info page. Just do it before the event is closed on Sunday nights. I believe that you got the proper trophy but you am not 100% sure. What I can tell you is that to get an elite trophy, you must be in the top 5%. I believe they have the same breakdown every week so you go to this weeks event & look at the info page for it. This should be a way to confirm that a top 24% score is an amateur trophy. Good luck with any future weekly events. Remember, nobody wins a race in the first corner, they only lose a race by divebombing & wrecking themselves & anybody they take out.
  14. Getts0388

    Where's the beef (my car) TT Mode bug

    Has anybody else had this issue with F1 2020 in either TT or Weekly event modes? I have not logged on today yet to see if the issue is still present but I am curious if anybody else has seen it. @BarryBL, Any news or anything to says about this? This is a pretty big issue and feel I am owed an explanation from CM. I am afraid to go back into the weekly event for FP2, FP3 and qualifying until I know this has been resolved.
  15. Getts0388

    Where's the beef (my car) TT Mode bug

    @BarryBL this also affected my first practice session for the Japan weekly event..