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  1. Getts0388

    Intentional Crashing - Ranked Matches

    @RPMazing i haven't tried ranked 2019, I gave up during ranked 2018 cause nobody knows how to races clean. I hear if u stick with it long enough & get a good driver rating the odds of finding a clean race go up. I only race the weekly events & esports events online. The trick is to qualify good, get a good start & hope u get thru the first corner before the big pile up. You have to get real lucky no matter what, everyone seems to think they can win the race in the first corner & are not willing to give a little to save their car. Hope this helps & good luck out there. Oh yeah run 25% races too, 5 loppers are too short.
  2. Getts0388

    Multiplayer Car Setup

    @TheDunkZ the only way I know to do it is to start an unranked race & set the practice time to 90 minutes. If nobody joins u before the end to do the the qualifying & race, restart the practice session. This is the only way I know to tweek your multiplayer car.
  3. Getts0388

    Screen global performance in info session .

    @micheltlt, left is traction control, center is auto/manual gearbox, right is ABS. This should be the correct assignment for each of the three. Brake assist does not appear on this page. Which I think should be addded. I’m 99.9% sure I have this correct. Spent some time researching this months ago. Hope this helps.
  4. Getts0388

    Wrong Tyres Given From Set Strategy

    @ChironTheseus i too have had this happen to me, over many different versions of the game. Also have seen on weekly GP races cars that say they are on mediums actually be on softs. Among of a ton of other issues. I’ve had my car setup changed from a custom to default setup on me. Started a race & thought I was drunk, default set had no downforce at all compared to my custom setup. I have leaned to double check everything before I start. Just have to be fast.
  5. @1512marcel, no error code at all. Ps4 said that it was online but but game said not online. It ended up working a couple hours later. I now have realized it’s the CM servers not me. I saw a ton of glitches while playing the weekly event last weekend. Things like a AI backmarker actually driving under another AI backmarker. The car literally drove under the car in front of him.
  6. Anybody else having this issue??? Noon on Saturday.
  7. Getts0388

    F1 2019 Weekly Event Penalty System Punishes Unfairly

    @DaleRossi i think it’s more like .25 to .3 from reading other people complaining about getting a penalty on this forum & other people responding that they should have been paying attention to the fact that u will get a penalty for retrying a quali. Good luck.
  8. @Pitchpole what do u have the AI set at?? The AI very rarely make any mistakes in the wet & that makes this weeks event slightly harder. I have been under-cutting them with my pitstop on lap 65/66 (65 track may still be too wet). Switching to softs. Depending on how many mistakes I’ve made in the wet, I’ve ended up in the led or no worse then 3rd. I have my AI at 88 & have won the race. However, I keep getting time penalties for shorting the track while pushing too hard in the wet. I would suggest starting with a low AI & slowly turning it up until u no longer can finish in 3rd. It is beatable, as long as u have a good setup for both wet/dry & make minimum mistakes. Good luck & I hope this helps.
  9. Striker_703, you have great speed at Monaco, I bet you would have won your race if you qualified. I was able to finished Manaco weekly event in the top 4%. My best of the three we had so far. Now we go to Germany & I want to use you as a reference for how I do. I would love to see your car setup for Germany, do you mind sharing your settings??? I have not been able to find a setup that I like so far. I used my 2018 setup & tweeked it for a 2019 car. I’ve got up into the top 25% on TT but I feel I’m still leaving a lot of time on the table. Again, if you have a fast, easy on the tires setup, I would like to try it.