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  1. Getts0388

    F1 2019 Weekly Event Penalty System Punishes Unfairly

    @DaleRossi i think it’s more like .25 to .3 from reading other people complaining about getting a penalty on this forum & other people responding that they should have been paying attention to the fact that u will get a penalty for retrying a quali. Good luck.
  2. @Pitchpole what do u have the AI set at?? The AI very rarely make any mistakes in the wet & that makes this weeks event slightly harder. I have been under-cutting them with my pitstop on lap 65/66 (65 track may still be too wet). Switching to softs. Depending on how many mistakes I’ve made in the wet, I’ve ended up in the led or no worse then 3rd. I have my AI at 88 & have won the race. However, I keep getting time penalties for shorting the track while pushing too hard in the wet. I would suggest starting with a low AI & slowly turning it up until u no longer can finish in 3rd. It is beatable, as long as u have a good setup for both wet/dry & make minimum mistakes. Good luck & I hope this helps.
  3. Striker_703, you have great speed at Monaco, I bet you would have won your race if you qualified. I was able to finished Manaco weekly event in the top 4%. My best of the three we had so far. Now we go to Germany & I want to use you as a reference for how I do. I would love to see your car setup for Germany, do you mind sharing your settings??? I have not been able to find a setup that I like so far. I used my 2018 setup & tweeked it for a 2019 car. I’ve got up into the top 25% on TT but I feel I’m still leaving a lot of time on the table. Again, if you have a fast, easy on the tires setup, I would like to try it.