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  1. @callum246 You need to post this in the F1 2020 forum section, not the F1 2019 forum section. you may find someone who can help there. Good luck!
  2. Getts0388

    Improve tracks as soon as possible

    @CriggleWiggle I think some people forget that this is a VIDEO GAME and NOT a SIMULATOR. It too bothers me that people are complaining about these minor details instead of the major issues that are affecting the game play. The amount of detail these guys are wanting will not be found in a $65 a year game. If they want this super detailed simulator, they must look elsewhere. Just like the guy complaining about the colored stripes on the Merc's halos, this is not a game breaking detail too me. The 25% ranked races being fixed is way more important, to me.
  3. Getts0388


    @Sabbeke it sounds to me that either your or the race host have a bad internet connection. What strength does yours show in the lobby? Is it all green bars or is yellow or red? Same question for the race’s host? If he has a bad connection, it’s game over for you.
  4. Getts0388

    This game is a joke. Anything to say code"masters"?

    @zZ A M P Aa Why don’t you just stop playing the game if it bothers you so much? Then never buy another CM game ever. Also give CM the silent treatment & never ever post anything ever again. You will teach them a lesson not to mess with you. This would then keep the rest of us on this forum from seeing your over & over post bashing CM. I personally have have had enough of your poor attitude which is NOT helping you or anyone else at this point. Please, I’m begging you to go the silent treatment way!!! Please!
  5. Getts0388

    Is the white line track limits on strict?

    @rooztek i believe it’s as soon as a third tire hits or crosses the white line. So I would say it’s two tires inside is the answer you are looking for. Good luck.
  6. Getts0388


    @dixon12376 welcome to “ranked” racing! Thank you for the reminder why I have banned myself from it. It’s not worth getting upset over or the headache. Everyone thinks they can win the race in the first corner or wreck you when you go to pass them. I too, try to be fair & leave plenty of space for everyone. It just doesn’t work. Good luck in any future races you attempt.
  7. If you could please make it so we can just relocated the gear indicator as separate entity so that we can move it to the lower center of the screen & leave the remainder of mfd on the lower right. This way we can move it into a better position for a quicker look . Also bring back the throttle position as a green circle around the gear display. It was much easier to control/see than the the bar/squares we have now. Or make it so we can move the entire display to the lower center of the screen and the pop-up portion still remain on the lower right corner so it does not block our views when activated. This way we could keep a better eye on fuel & ers system info, to be able to focus more on the track. At places like Monaco, we don’t have a lot of times to be looking for this info. By the time you refocus on the track, you have over-shoot the next braking point. As I use to rotary switches for fuel/ers setttings & sometimes go too far, I need to verify I’m in the correct setting frequently. I want to have this info more in my line of sight to same time. Please.
  8. Getts0388

    Update on Anti-cheat measures

    @BarryBL Thank you for the response. It is extremely bothersome for me as the weekly events are my favorite mode. I switched to the CM F1 series in hopes of finding good multiplayer racing as GT sport was/is filled with dive- bombers and rammers. I thought a fragile F1 car would provide me with the clean multiplayer racing I was looking for. I was wrong but I am still enjoying it far more than GT sport. Thanks again!
  9. Getts0388

    Update on Anti-cheat measures

    @BarryBL & @RedDevilKT we deserve a response on weather or not you plan on addressing the scoring issues that have been going on with the scoring of the weekly events the past couple/few weeks. We are just asking that you either acknowledge the issue and/or are working on correcting whatever is causeing players to be able to achieve these super unreal scores. The community deserves something from you. I don’t know if it’s a problem in your programming or people cheating but if you are going to score/rank us, it must be done fairly for all players! I have not turned on my PS4 yet to see last weeks results but I have the feeling that I’m about to get very mad due to the unrealistic scores still being displayed on the top of the leaderboards. It’s CM’s call to score/rank us, at least do it fairly. As I am trying to go for an elite score for every event until F1 2021 is released and one day these few places could keep me from meeting my goal. Just for CM to let the community know that yes you see the issue & are working on a fix would be a great start. SOMETHING G.D.!!!
  10. Getts0388

    Another featured event?!

    @rogiecraigson i am only guessing here. Since F1 is racing a real GP this week, CM is providing us with a GP event. I would guess that the next weekend that F1 is off, the better the chances of seeing a featured event. CM has always tried to have GP events during real F1 race weekends and featured events on off weekends. This year is somewhat of an oddball for events as we in a very odd year of for the F1 schedule due to the virus. Hang in there, I’m sure there will be one. As I hate featured events, I’m not looking forward to them myself. I prefer to race GP events, against real players, not the AI. I don’t care how well I preform compared to the AI but other real players. Featured events are equal to re-spawning shooter games. I quit playing them because everything turned into a run & gun with no skill in trying to stay alive. Our scores should be voided if we rerun a featured event just as the GP events. Featured events are lame, to me. Good luck on the track!
  11. Getts0388

    post moved

    Are you in casual or standard mode? I think casual defaults to auto-trans.
  12. Getts0388

    Update on Anti-cheat measures

    Just sitting thinking about the guy with the 559,366 points at Monza on PS4 or whatever his score was (I don’t remember exactly) , he would have had been doing something like a 40 second lap for all 13 laps to get a score like that. CM should be able to spot either a cheater or inaccurate score like this in a second if they simply looked into it & did the math. They know that we get a set amount of points for certain areas of our scores & the biggest variable is time to complete the entire event. CM simply has to do a better job policing the scores if they want us to believe that we are all being scored fairly. It took me less then a second to realize that the guy in the number 1 spot at 8am this morning, is not legit. Over double the score of second place, please. Impossible. CM could simply delete any suspicious scores, inform the perpetrator that their score has been deleted & they are now flagged. Then also inform them that if they continue to have suspicious scores, they will be temporary banned from events or permanently banned. Something CM!!!
  13. Getts0388

    Podium Pass Season 2

    Does @Josetelli last post above have anything to do with the this subject or am I missing something???
  14. Getts0388

    Belgian GP Weekly Event inquiry

    @BarryBL can you please let us know if other players had the issues in my above post, please. We are curious if we were the only ones missing points or if it affected everyone.
  15. Getts0388

    Belgian GP Weekly Event inquiry

    Description: I ran the Spa weekly event several times last week and never received points for the "Assist Bonus". Also, the scoring display shows me using no assist when I know for a fact I had ABS on and TC set to medium. I would have never had finished a lap if these were really turned off. I'm not that good. I do know of one other person who did not receive their assist bonus either and they run the events with no assists. Platform: PS4 Game mode: Weekly Event Race Reps: I raced at least 2 or 3 races on Saturday and only one on Sunday (Sunday's result pictures below). Trouble shooting: raced a few times and cycled power on PS4. Peripherals: Thrustmaster T-GT wheel base with Thrustmaster add-on Ferrari F1 wheel with Thrustmaster BT-LED display with Open-wheeler sim chair with Butt-kicker and table for beer. Screen Shots: Attached Beer Quantity: Stopped counting years ago.