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  1. @arborealoast47 What game are you talking about??? This is the "F1 2019" game forums and I do not believe there are any fixes coming for this version F1. If you are talking about "F1 2021", please go that forum and post a complete bug report. Link to F1 2021 forum below: Report an Issue - Codemasters Community
  2. @Mon124 Not much going on here today at work, but thanks for asking! On my second cup of coffee.
  3. @Ultra3142 Sometimes I just want to test setups of guys like 2000 or 3000 places in front of me, not 10,000. It takes a long time to get there and if I don't like the setup of the guy I loaded his setup, I have to start at me and cycle back to him where I set him as my rival. It would be nice if if just went back to the same guy I just set as my rival so I did not have to search for him again. This is a huge waste of time. If I could press the up 1000 a couple times, I'd be in the ballpark and would not have to sit there holding up on the D-pad as long.
  4. We also need buttons to jump up and down the TT leader boards by 1000 each time you press it. It's hard to find different players to try their setups. I can only go from my spot on the timings to a faster guys ahead of my by 1000 or 1500 spots so many times before I give up.
  5. Finally, there's people out there who feel the current "random" weather in weekly GP events is not a level playing field. I have have been saying this for years. I ran the Hungary event several times on both Saturday & Sunday, each time writing down when it started to rain and when I made the switch to wets. It seems that there are about four different versions at when the rain starts, it appears. It all depends on which version you get from race to race. On Sunday, I had one I knew was going to be the late one and was ready for it. Then I realized I was the only one paying attention and e
  6. @kalamazoo123 I tend to agree with you but you can already figure the rain pattern out. There is only 3 or 4 different patterns that I see when we have these rain weekly events, it's not that "random". I take notes for every race I run. I track overall time, fastest lap, what lap did rain start, what lap did I pit for wet/dry tires and so on. I can pretty much figure this out in four races. Then at the start of any race after that, depending on the forecast, I know which one it is and can plan for the rain. Per Martin Brundle: "A wet lap is generally 10 seconds slower then a then a dry la
  7. I feel that the weather should be the be the same throughout all three practice sessions, qualifying and the race. Either make it dry for all or a consistent rain through all sessions. This way we all know what we will be racing in and can practice off-line in the same conditions. Then maybe during the race we all are more prepared for the conditions, which might just lead to better racing. Not to mention, we won't have as many quitters at the start of a race because they didn't pay attention to the weather and that it will be raining at some point. CM could even put it on the menu screens say
  8. @ItsZaac Check your mail box. you have to claim your reward there. L3 on a Playstation controller, if your on a PS4 or PS5.
  9. @RedDevilKT You are the only one I know that might be able to answer my question. In weekly GP events with dry to rain races in F1 2020 & 2019 the timing of the start of the rain would move around from race to race. This is not a fair way to run these races. If it does not rain until late in an race, my overall time is much faster. But if it starts raining on lap 2 or 3, my overall time is much slower. The timing of the rain should be the same for every race to keep the timing fair. My question is, has CM corrected this for F1 2021??? As I see this week's event at Hungary is going to
  10. Getts0388

    Patch 1.05

    @ZAPPADIETRO You can just get a 1 or 2 TB external hard drive and hook it up to you PS4, but that only leaves with one empty USB port to hook anything else up to your PS4. I have a external hard drive and my sim wheel hooked up and have no USB ports left. We used to get four USB ports on a PS.
  11. @ItsZaac What are you playing on? I had issues with the event early last week on my PS4 and CM was able to correct it before the end of the event. I did receive my trophy and points on Monday. I suggest you post a complete bug report as this also happened last year and CM was able to get everyone who reported it their trophies. Follow the bug report template in the "report an issue" section of this forum. Link to page below. Good luck Report an Issue - Codemasters Community
  12. @Hichel18 Thank you for the reply. My work day is almost over & I really want to be running laps at Hungary in TT mode to work on a car setup for this weeks weekly event. It's very hard to try other peoples setups when the leader boards don't work. Thanks again!!!
  13. 1st: When will the patch come? Already did last week. 1.04 2nd: How big is it? in Gigabyte 1000 Megabytes 3rd: What Bugs will be fixed? More created then fixed. 4th Will the AI finally have understeer? We don't drive their cars so doesn't really matter, sorry!!!!!!
  14. I tried to run some TT mode laps on F1 2021 at Hungary last night and kept being disconnected from CM servers. Couldn't take it and switched to F1 2020, same issue. Switched to F1 2019, same freaking issue. I play on an PS4. Could anybody let me know if this has been corrected or not??? I would rather be disappointed now, then after work.
  15. @BarryBL And another video of him cheating, I believe. F1 2021 SpeedHacker - YouTube
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