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  1. @Sir_Overtakesalot it was months ago when I had this issue. It also happened way early in the week like on a Tuesday evening. I contacted @RedDevilKTon Wednesday morning and he corrected it for me that day. Then I was able to continue to improve my score thru the rest of the week as when it happened to me, I still had the AI set very low and had a low score at the time. It just sucks for you to have this during the "holidays" and be stuck in limbo.
  2. @Sir_Overtakesalot This is fixable but you must contact @BarryBLor @RedDevilKTto fix it. They need some info from you to correct it. This happened to me months ago and @RedDevilKT was able to fix it for me. The issue you will have now is contacting them before the weekend. I have not seen anybody from CM on here at all this week. I suggest filling out a complete bug report to see if that gets their attention. Good luck!!!!!!
  3. @BarryBL& @RedDevilKT Can one of the two of you please explain to us how this has happened. I thought the "experienced" social play online races were locked to be "equal" car performance, but somehow all of the lobbies for the past several days been set to "realistic" car performance. How is this happening??? It is not fun this way. Can you guys please fix this??? Also, put it back to using our "multiplayer" cars for these lobbies. It is bad enough having to deal with all the angry drivers during VSC's and Safety Car periods. I have no problem using a Williams car if the lobby is set
  4. @ciana Indycar has already announced that Motorsports Games has been given a license and will be developing a game for 2023, I believe. So it must be financially viable. Let's just hope it is as good as the CODEMASTERS version was back in 2003.
  5. @TheReap1976 It is not you, it is a CODEMASTERS issue. They seem to either not care or refuse to acknowledge the issue as on Tuesday I started a thread on this and asked what the deal is. No response from them. At this point this week is a no go, all we can do is hope that we get an weekly event next week. CODEMASTERS wants us to "trust the process" which seems to be keeping us in the dark and not letting us fans of the weekly events know what is going on. @RedDevilKT Can you please let us know if there will be an event next week??????
  6. I asked Codemasters yesterday this very question with NO response. Last week we were "locked out" this week we get a "failure to load". I don't remember there ever being a week without an event during F1 2019 & 2020. This is the third time we have had a week without an event during F1 2021.
  7. @BarryBLand @RedDevilKT Why is there no weekly event for the second week in a row??? Is it now "Semi-weekly" or "when we feel like it"?????
  8. I did not believe it hence the reason I made my post but as CM are as @Marko4455says "slow and lazy", I figured I check with the forum people. As CM has no weekly event this week, lots of us assumed we would be seeing it this week. Heaven forbid CM be up front and open about what is going on.
  9. This is what I found online, please read last sentence. F1 2021 version 1.13 will soon roll out for PS4, PC, and Xbox One players. According to F1 2021 update 1.13 patch notes, the update will add various quality of life changes to the game. Apart from this, F1 2021 patch 1.13 also includes general stability improvements. Previously, a big update added a new DLC and various bug fixes. Unfortunately, players are still experiencing several issues when trying to play the game. Today’s F1 2021 patch 1.13 will fix a few of these issues.
  10. can anyone tell me if patch 1.13 was released today as I am at work and cannot verify??? I just found the a link below online and it says "today". Can someone please confirm this for me so I can call the wife and have her complete the update for me???? F1 2021 Update 1.13 Patch Notes for PS4, PC and Xbox One (updatecrazy.com)
  11. I say both are at fault. Blue car is all over the place and did not maintain his line and turned too late. yellow car did cut across the nose of the blue car and seems not to leave a lane for the blue car. I'm with @Schneehaseon this as this is a debatable incident. Both Drivers could have done more to avoid contact but very few of us are willing to give an inch when racing. I don't care if I win a race, I just want to finish with no penalties and no issues but I fear there are not many others who feel this way. Seems it's win or nothing with most people. Had a guy at Russia yesterday in fron
  12. I don't remember ever having a "weekly event" locked out for F1 2020 or 2019. I too was assuming that it is locked due to patch 1.13 being released this week. It would be nice if someone from CM let us know what is going on. Maybe we need to submit a "bug report" to get a response??? But then that reply would probably say "its by design" and nothing more to explain why.
  13. @Veno34 I had this happen to me on my PS4 not to long ago. It was that way for 2 or 3 days and the fixed it's self. I am convinced that it has something to do with the Lobby system CM is using for this mode of play. I complained a lot about it as I spend most of my time in these 25% social play races. If you look thru the old post here on this topic, you will find other people who have had this issue. You did the right thing in posting a complete bug report. @BarryBLis there anything you can tell us if this issue will be fixed in the upcoming patch????
  14. @JackLane1982 This is "by design" to keep people from brake checking the rest of the field. This is a tricky subject. It's hard for CM to get these penalties to function correctly. It sucks to be right behind the safety car or any cars in front of you just to get ran over by someone not paying attention to what is going on in front of them and get a 5 or 10 second penalty. Part of the issue is that there is no minimum speed either. People just get angry and want to slow the entire field down and zoom off to get an advantage. I agree with you that the current penalty system isn't the best
  15. @MrIggy01 Leaving work now be on in about an hour and a half, hope to see you on the track. Hour drive home and have to feed the cats!!!
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