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  1. kenzieretro64

    F1 2020 copyright on YouTube

    exactly. it's an absolute joke of a copyright system
  2. kenzieretro64

    F1 2020 copyright on YouTube

    I'm having the same issue with SimAM racing and XRL having their races claimed as being part of the pro series. something needs to be done
  3. kenzieretro64

    Safety Car Bugs

    1 - reduction in framerate "every single time" safety car comes out 2 - just happened to me tonight. my game claimed safety car was out but there was no safety car and i lost positions as a result
  4. Anyone else have this issue? Anytime a full safety car is deployed, the frame rate drops. Xbox One 1.07 Controller This issue also happened at Monaco for me in my team and the issue is here at Baku
  5. kenzieretro64

    No pitcoins still

    i was about to say they better damn well compensate us for this farce and compensate us well
  6. kenzieretro64

    No pitcoins still

    very reassuring to know. this is a system that never should have been in the game to begin with. the way the in game purchases was done in the last game was fine IT DID NOT NEED CHANGING
  7. kenzieretro64

    No pitcoins still

    nope, even with the patch that came earlier this week nothing regarding the broken podium pqass that doesn't give people their pre order coins. like i said earlier in the post, do not ever do a podium pass system like this ever again. it's been 2 weeks since the schumacher game came out and every other racer has their coins so why not me
  8. the most basic of issues that shouldn't even be an issue to begin with. mahaveer raghunathan is from INDIA and yet codemasters blundered this by given him the DUTCH flag. Codemasters YOU HAD ONE JOB
  9. kenzieretro64

    No pitcoins still

    that's only 5000 pitcoins altogether fron getting to tier 30 and that's not the coins i'm after.
  10. kenzieretro64

    No pitcoins still

    i've replied to the relevant forum thread on here with the relevant info needed earlier this week...and i've heard nothing back and i'm still waiting. I've been playing the game since launch, now on tier 16 on the podium pass, only have 2500 pitcoins from going up the tiers and i'm still waiting on my coins. I just hope on my life that codemasters NEVER DO THIS PODIUM PASS EVER AGAIN
  11. kenzieretro64

    clean race bug

    one major issue that's grinding my gears and driving me up the wall is going through races while not being involved in any accidents. just did a race in vietnam as one of the podium pass challenges (still waiting on my 15k coins) is do a race in vietnam without being involved in an accident (which i did) and yet, progress in the squeaky clean achievement didn't happen (still stuck on 30% - 3 out of 10) and the vietnam challenge did not show up as complete. codemasters, explain please
  12. kenzieretro64

    F1 2020 - Squeaky Clean trophy/achievement bug

    I'm trying to get the squeaky clean achievement as well but i can't seem to get it even though i get through races with no penalties...unless "everyone in the lobby has to finish with no penalties"
  13. kenzieretro64

    Looking for drivers and commentators!!

    As one of the lead commentators i would love to help the next generation