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  1. The racing genre has been dominated by console games for a long time now. I am writing from the point of view of a Gran Turismo fanboy looking for a PC title to finally bring the feelings I had when playing GT 3 and 4. Here are a few guidelines, even though they are probably too late now that the game is so far along... - Tuning. It doesn't have to be overdone, but tuning that you can feel is the way, in my opinion, to let everyone take their favorite car and make it feel like home. - Tracks with personality. This one is super vague and everyone will have theirs, but... When you look at gran turismo 4, the serious GP-style circuits are perfectly counterbalanced by tracks like Autumn Ring and Nurburgring, which are just SO different and fun to race on with friends. Tracks that you will remember for some special feature, weather it's overly technical, has great scenery, requires great concentration for a long time, etc. Seriously... try to master Autumn ring perfectly and you'll know what I mean.- Soundtrack. It should be unapologetic. Cheesy is fine. You're the king of the road and the music should be the kind you would put to pump you up on a road trip. Best example: Panama (Van Halen). I see the road when I hear the song now, having it heard so much. And I crave it like a drug.- Special events. Pre-set challenges, where you're forced to work with what you're given to achieve a goal. Please!!! Let me take a break from the campaign to try my luck on some seemingly impossible challenge, The campaign should be easy enough, but these should be HARD. Again, reference GT4. Miracle lap on Laguna Seca with that incredible Mazda race car, I miss trying you all day and FINALLY beating you!- Menus and information. Every feature should be easily accessible without going too deep in the menus. I suggest 4 main modes: Campaign, Custom, Special events, Online. Also try to make everything transparent as far as information goes. If you do have tuning, explain what each option does with tooltips. Let it be clear what is the reward of every event, etc. Oh and "custom" should include a free drive mode, ab-so-lu-te-ly.- Nonlinear campaign. I like where you're going with that feature mentioned in the blog where people will be able to choose what they do. You should definitely keep that. I personally hope for a map-type campaign screen, where the player goes where he likes. And somewhere... his garage. There! Yes I know besides the menus I'm basically telling you guys to copy Gran Turismo... but honestly I don't think that's the worst advice.