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  1. I enjoy racing games that have alot of carnage like motorstorm but when I realized this game is based off objective modes and theres no 1st place or finish line, I was a bit bummed out. Please do not let the potential of this game go to waste! Please add a TDM mode where the team with the most takedowns wins. It can have a target score or there could also be a time limit. Also add the option to do regular racing with laps and a finish line with no teams and I know when someone wrecks it bring you right back into the action but in this idea just have them spawn in last place with everybody else. These are just the first 2 of my ideas that I think the devs should add to Onrush in future updates if they want more people to play it. So much ideas and game modes can fit into this game without there being teams every match. Having only 4 modes isn't going to make this game last very long. If they don't add regular racing and other modes that dont require teams 24/7, I see this game dying out in the next month of its release, probably earlier than that.