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  1. In regards to the video feed in the second screen when playing online, does it only show the one camera angle? I have noticed in single player the varying cameras are used and not the player view like in online races.
  2. @Loore Alright thanks for the answer! While on the subject, is it safe to assume that similar features such as saving "Custom Game" settings is also not included? In other words, when creating a custom online session, do I have to set the session up each time or can I load a saved "Custom Game" preset.  (Ex.Say I create an endurance race setting, which has all the assist off etc.. from the get go which I can load up. Rather than setting that up each time. This feature was in Dirt 3 for example)
  3. @Loore So no option to save tunings setups for the cars then I take it?
  4. @Loore Will one be able to save the tuning setup profiles for the cars? In other words, can I load a setting Ive created before onto my car instead of going in manually and setting the car up each time? Example in Dirt 3 (Note the "Preset" prompt) I do hope this is an option in GAS since it would be quite the hassle to manually set up before each race if one cannot load a custom preset.
  5. Thanks for the answer! Quick question about car setups (don't know if this has been answered) but will it be possible to save tuning setups for the cars similar to how it was done in Dirt 3? 
  6. Question about car upgrade/tuning in Grid Autosport: In Grid 2 multiplayer, there was the possibility of tier upgrading a car to the next tier. I personally felt that no car which was tier upgraded was ever wothwhile in terms of performance compared to untuned responding tier cars. I feel this made the feature rather obsolete and did not encourage the players to experiment with it. (Ex. Tier 2 upgraded to Tier 3 BMW M3 vs Tier 3 Aston Martin Vanquish) My question is, will something similar be implemented in Grid Autosport to allow one to use a certain car in more than one class? If yes, I hope
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