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  1. BluntRS

    Black Flag

    I hear ya, but I live in hope, that these type threads ( not just mine ) but online problems are seen and heard, as I would like to venture online meet new players, Or else what is the point of a super licence ( 12points should be a race ban, I dont think thier is points ) or online, scrap the lot, put all the effort into offline.
  2. BluntRS

    Anyone else despise Monaco?

    Nico Rosberg was the answer 😁 Taking nothing away from Lewis, but lets get real, that Merc is untouchable in a lot of current F1 drivers hands, 2021 fingers crossed things will change, but as fans yes its great to see our fav driver win, ultimately we want great racing, which at the moment with the leader lapping up to P6 or more, is not racing. I use to be a fan, but 2016 just went off him. which I think after his actions, I think a lot of others did.
  3. BluntRS

    Black Flag

    @Codemaster this isnt my video also I dont race online, due to the issues in the video, F1 2019 I was hoping to go back online hence searching F1 videos, I understand you cant stop some players doing what they want, but ultimately you can add features to help prevent / clean up multiplayer, or its slowly imo going to turn into a ghost town, like other games have. I think it was F1 2010 or 11 mybe I dont remeber, but I was in a online race, and half the grid was black flagged, now it seems its turned into a free for all, anything goes from what I see on YouTube, Yes yes people will say join a league, but online ranked / unranked public players who are able and want to race online, should be able to join a session, without fear of being treated like this, how does the game not remove these players who are ruining the race after X amount of attacks ?, Everyone should be able to race how this wish, but with the view in the video used, due to the hud, positions of the mirrors, the mirrors are useless, players are to restricted with the view of thier surroundings imo, virtual wing mirrors or a spotter is needed to help players, who choose this view, I guess proximinty arrows where introduced to help, and am sure not all people who have incidents do it purpose, some must be done to visibility issues, havent tested proxi arrows myself but something clearly isnt working as intended. 4:18 How do they do that ?
  4. BluntRS

    Hotlap Germany / no assists / 1:11,093 + Setup

    Look forward to your thread, more support the better, better chance of it happening.
  5. You quote me, then ask AScott a question
  6. But you cant, so your point ?, thats a rhetorical question, we both know you dont have one.
  7. BluntRS

    Hotlap Germany / no assists / 1:11,093 + Setup

    No, I commented cause I was led to bielve to bielve the video was something it wasnt, its YouTube click bait to gain views, In my thread am asking for assits, And thankyou for your support.
  8. So the lolly pop lights aren't visible then ?
  9. BluntRS

    MFD in the Steering wheel???

    I need a PC, like yesterday.
  10. I see the mirrors but no lolly pop 😀
  11. BluntRS


    @martbloke Ill break it down for you cause am nice!, Options are optional for the player to choose, Let The Players Decide how they wish to play,
  12. BluntRS

    Hotlap Germany / no assists / 1:11,093 + Setup

    No fact is your a troll, fact is no one is asking for what you claim, and thats FACT!! Read Let The Players Decide, and get your facts, cause the facts are thier for all to see, and thats a FACT!!
  13. BluntRS

    Hotlap Germany / no assists / 1:11,093 + Setup

    Its @BluntRS Your Welcome, And ******* read what I actually ******* wrote.
  14. That sounds like a weird setup to me without seeing it, But they need to be moved to be visible without extreme settings.
  15. BluntRS

    Anyone else despise Monaco?

    Remind me who won in 2016, Which driver would of been sacked in 2016, if it wasnt for the above driver leaving, Put Alonso in Bottas seat, Lewie would urinate his suit.