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    Tyre Wear Analysis Silverstone

    Faya wrote this, From my understanding we will be looking to adjust the tyre wear to what it was in F1 2018 in a future patch. Bug, Ummmm I beg to differ.
  2. 1st rule of tuning, ignore what setups the "Fast" drivers use.
  3. BluntRS


    I dont see why they cant add them, then people who prefer them can use the spotter, #LetThePlayersDecide 😎.
  4. BluntRS

    How to easily fix F1 online

    #Rules #BlackFlags #RaceBans #NotGonnaHappen #StayOffline
  5. BluntRS


    Couldn't the same be said for proximinty arrows ?, I would assume thier basically the same thing, instead of a arrow showing you where the car is, someone is telling you,
  6. BluntRS

    Tyre Wear Analysis Silverstone

    Wait till the Forza patch test them again, they'll probally do one season 🤣 Instead of punishing everybody, I dont understand why they can have a option to turn it off, like thier is with temps,
  7. BluntRS

    Tyre Wear Analysis Silverstone

    The locals around these forums like cheat tunes, ( tyre management is a dirty word ) patch on the way to make them last even longer
  8. BluntRS

    Nationality Flag

    Customisation driver, profile, country/region
  9. BluntRS

    Formula 2 'F2' cars raced online

    F2 should be avaible to all lobbys online, players are happy to complain about the state of some of the ranked players, perhaps they need to be forced into a slower car to get the basics, prove you can race with respect before getting in a F1 car, Its a feeder series for a reason, you need to work your way up the RANKS ( Ranked ) Ranked at the start should be restricted to F2, once you've earned your stripes, move up to F1 Ranked, you fail to meet requirement's, you stay at F2, Codemasters current logic of letting players use what assits / visual aids they want, and do what ever they want online is clearly working
  10. The locals around these forums, like taking advantage, fair competition isnt a work in thier vocabulary.
  11. The locals around these forums dont like rules, they like exploits.
  12. BluntRS


    95% of the game and 100% of the assits / visual aids already in the game, bears no resemblance to anything that happens in real like, Apart from the drivers names, and croftys circuit scenes, am struggling.
  13. BluntRS

    Invite friends ranked lobby

    Add invite for one, add invite for all, all this lower ranked players are not worthy is discrimination, Some S and A players might think thier all that, but I for am not impressed, raced their sort in other games and they SUCKED. Feature no assits / visual aids ranked lobbys, well see how some A or S ranked do with out thier assists.
  14. BluntRS


    Not currently isnt doesnt have one, but am sure its only a matter of time before its added, no idea on apps sorry.
  15. BluntRS


    Some will be fast no matter what, but others are fast due to what they use, take that away and lap times disappear faster then a Williams in qualifying ( Sadly as I love that team ) I think Ranked is baised on a voting system, no practise one shot quali, all assits allowed, 5lap race but I think you can choose length am not sure, ive never entered one due to the settings, so only seen them Youtube, sorry.
  16. BluntRS

    Invite friends ranked lobby

    Safety rating of S or A doesnt mean anything, its setup with no invite so its not abused, if invite was added theirs nothing stopping you inviting B or C ( sorry dont know what the letters are ) Better option in my opinion would be to scrap ranked, add all perks ( Which I dont what is cause I refuse to race in thier ) to unranked then you can invite your friends.
  17. BluntRS


    Depends what you class as assits, the ones the games see's as assists yes, but theirs a lot that are assits like visual aids which aren't on the list, hence why thier so many players saying thier no assist players.
  18. First it was tyre heat assit, Now its tyre wear assit, https://www.carmagazine.co.uk/features/car-culture/f1-tyres-and-management/ Makes me wonder why Codemasters never have time to fix actual bugs, it has to be said, F2 no Race fuel so cant practise, ah no biggie, we got assits to add F1 2019 soon to be like F1 2018, only avaible offline due to refusing to update to the Forza patch, Thankyou.
  19. BluntRS

    Invite friends ranked lobby

    If your friends aren't at the same level as you, then they dont deserve to be in the same lobby, its not fair on the other players that earned the right to be thier, thats what unranked is for so you can race with your friends, Ive heard so many times oh my friend is clean racer etc, well they may be clean with you, but thier not allways clean with others.
  20. BluntRS

    How much time between levels?

    Only one way to find out push it up to 90, results will vary, ive only tested on 10% but they ranged from 0.700 - 1.200
  21. This is excalty how some ( not all ) use it in other games, also experienced the same with some using proximinty arrows for same reasons. Assists aren't the problem, it hows some choose to use them thats the problem.
  22. Its @BluntRS Your Welcome , Am slow on the uptake, not ashamed to admit it, however talks of virtual mirror means to me a full rear view mirror view ( and yes not a fan at all, has no place in racing games in my opinion ), virtual wing mirrors ( which some said is what they actually ment, how am I suppose to know this ) for F1 dont have a issue with, just as long as theirs a option to force them off 😎
  23. Well we'll have to agree to disagree. @Codemasters Hola when you start work on F1 2020, am avaible to actually find issues with your game for a fee of course, When your good at something, why do it for free 😎
  24. F2 sold F1 2019 for me, but with current issue with fuel, your options are limited, is thier a ETA for this fix ? I fail to see how with all the Beta's testers ( TESTING ), and people getting early access how it was realised with this issue, a car in ( TESTING SESSION ) with no fuel in a racing game, HELLO PEOPLE, Also is thier a ETA for the F2 2019 season update.