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  1. You may have not noticed more grip and traction in TV Pod cam but many have inc myself, I use a single screen and have no issues seeing my mirrors wilst racing, its a myth thier not thier / useable, No its a LOT easyier, its quicker, and it has more traction, thats why so many use TV Pod cam, They dont need to inc a virtual mirror to promote clean racing, thats what proximinty arrows where inc for, and that was a epic fail.
  2. Yes only a game which doesnt cater for all players, it doesnt matter if its arcade, simcade, or simulation, options dont force anybody to do anything they want to, Esports in my opinion should atleast of 2 tiers, any view and assits, then cockpit no assits, see many players practise to move up into the cockpit series, At the moment thier is zero incentive or encouragement,
  3. ESports I think one or two have switched cockpit, I may be wrong, however if they did enforced it, players would adapt, and I would watch it, but the impression I get online about F1 Esprts is most think its a joke.
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    Comments and threads are different, Your entitled to your opinion, but offended Nah no reason to be, I enjoy racing with like minded players on a regular basis, although small numbers and would be nice to meet more, but its not gonna ruin my day if I dont. Players like you want to discourage new players, encouraging new players to improve online, ultimately ruining online which from the amount of complaints increasing each year, online is getting worse and more quite feel free, As above I got opinions to race with other players and very happy, so if public online improves or not, not my lose, once am in a position to get a gaming PC and codemasters still refuse to improve online ill shall move on and forget about F1 series and look for suitable titles which cater for all players.
  5. Everyone has the right to do what he wants, HE ? abit of a assumption but whatever, but am glad you agree, look forward to your support in my thread 😎 Well on a normal game with the options a host has, I think youll find forcing cockpit is Global, well for serious racers anyway.
  6. Am glad you agree, look for forward to your support in my thread, not only asking for assists WHAT BluntRS is asking for assists, yea cause I consider all players You understand zero, ZERO, but ill answer your waffle, a bare lobby, well currently only small numbers, I regularly race offline with like minded players, most of which I ment on Project Cars, in cockpit only lobbys, they use to be bonnet cam drivers, but moved over ( Thier Choice ) and stuck with it, and with practise prefer it, but with F1 thier is no encouragement to improve, hence all the argument's on the forum about online, which the majority help create 😎 Well actually am one of few asking for the game to be accessible to all, not just a game what the majority want's 😎
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    Yes thier is a lot of topics about online, but none are the same as this one, Most are asking for things to be banned to discourage new players, am asking for assists to be added, to encourage new players, just with options to force them off.
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    Thankyou for your contribution to the thread,
  9. Only benefits TV Pod has in your opinion, many disagree, they just know its a waist of time coming on here asking for reasonable features online, its easy to claim driving in cockpit, I get it, its the "Cool" its the new in thang, however with lack of support for basic online features, says other wise, why would any cockpit driver want to race with TV Pod drivers, they wouldnt, theyd want a level playing field, So your controller / wheel doesnt have any buttons Blah Blah tosh
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    Silence speaks a billion word's, You complain about online, but do nothing to support change, Enjoy the carnage.
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    Thread currently on page 2 slowly disappearing never to be seen again, due to no support asking for excalty that, options to make no assists lobbys online.
  12. Do some laps in TV Pod, the extra grip and traction is disgusting,
  13. BluntRS

    F1 2018 spotter support in Crew Chief

    🤣 Ant it dude I found it sooooooooooo funny, I just hat to reply to tell you ahaha, Hi Bottas James here, Lewis is on your right, hes still thier, hold your line, all clear over, copy copy, thanks James, I dont know how I would of coped with out you James, thats what am here for, turning a wheel wilst also looking for other cars is way to taxing for a driver to cope with, roger that James, I just like to drive around with my blinkers on. @F1Aussie You missed one my posts to slap a thumbs on
  14. BluntRS

    F1 2018 spotter support in Crew Chief

    Nah Dud am straight up vinegar ant it cuz, you get me I pity the future with this level of intelligence.
  15. BluntRS

    F1 2018 spotter support in Crew Chief

    No whats hilarious is it took you that long to come up with such a weak, what ever that blah blah is 🤣
  16. For asking a sensible question, has anyone ever seen proximity arrows in a F1 car ?
  17. Thankyou! Sorry tried to multi quote didn't work
  18. As ive said many times, add all the assists under the sun, just also add options to turn them off, Virtual mirror just TV Pod gives a unfair advantage, Players want to use assits yet call them selfs no assits players let um, but let the true none assists players be able to make a lobby to keep um out.
  19. I dunno what to say it appeared on mine. when I tested them.
  20. I can only assume its a issue on your format, cause the edit strategy button, takes me to the edit strategy screen on mine, tyres as far as I know are locked in, in Q2 like F1, not sure how it works if your out in Q1, or if F2 is different, Also, as I say mandatory tyre stop rule in feature races IS implemented, with the above distances.
  21. Feature race when set to 25% / 50% / 100% you can edit strategy, you cant adjust fuel though like in F1 ( In game ) am sure a patch will fix this.
  22. A virtual mirror for cockpit users is a must FALSE, a virtual mirror for some cockpit users is a must, as for cleaner racing online, that boat has sailed, sunk, never to be seen again, Please can people stop labelling us all the same, its disrespectful to the ones who have put the time in to practise. F1 drivers actual view, as you can see wilst hes looking straight ahead, he can not see his mirrors, you want realism YOU GOT IT, You wanna see the lolly pop lights during a pitstop FORGET IT. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5y243oh2Ryw&feature=player_embedded
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    Overtake Button Support

    @PJTierney Am only guessing but it looks like thier is a OV button on the wheel, which I guess is the overtake button, Ive heard during GP's the engineer telling the driver to use the overtake button, can you this feature please.