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  1. Once you try clutter free, youll never go back 😎 @Striker_703 Yea I understand that, but its both, F2 and classic is locked to equal, normally you have a choice online, realistic or equal, F2 even though thier all the same, just doesnt make sence to me why its locked, if it was locked to realistic they would still be equal just looks wrong in my opinion.
  2. BluntRS

    Sim Racing = Cockpit View

    I didn't say it 😎 well not this time.
  3. BluntRS

    Sim Racing = Cockpit View

    100% 😎
  4. In the pic thier both using assists, so what is the problem ? I dont want to drive with others who use TV Pod, but do we have a option for that ? If you dont want to use assits, race in cockpit with a blank or your using assits.
  5. Thier both using assits, I dont see the issue.
  6. @Faya @RedDevilKT F2 No fuel option for FP sessions ? F2 Multiplayer locked to equal performance ? F2 No option in Leagues ? F2 No option to force off visual aids ? F2 No option to force cockpit ? F2 Weather locked to dynamic in Championship mode, why cant we set ourselves ?, that way we can have what the actual race was, instead scripted which in reality didn't happen in real life F1 McLaren in game are 6th, in real F1 thier 4th ? HUD Opacity only goes to 10% ? F1 cars awfull, its like thier on rails, rear refuse's to step out, little to no skill required to keep them in line, basically like forza is,, tyre management not needed just last for ever and a day, can we have a option for tyre wear please, slow or realistic ? Online just pointless due to the "Pro's" preferred choice of event setup, no damage, ghosting on no practise ( cause why would you want to practise, to get your eye in ) either one shot quali or none, 5lap destruction derby, on to the next circuit, basically identical to Forza style.
  7. Drones / AI is Codemasters polite word for assited pod racers. But totally agree with lacking special awareness.
  8. Thats awesome to hear your changing what you use each year, So your screen is completely blank then ?,
  9. I dont know how the PS4 works etc, if you can attach a external HD its possible.
  10. Firstly I was confused as to what view this was, then I noticed it was a replay, cause normally this view is a rarity in a F1 game 😁 This in my opinion, not that anybody cares, is lack of awareness for anything else on the track, most common with assisted drivers, Codemasters this is why we need a options in multiplayer to turn all assits off.
  11. BluntRS

    Anyone else despise Monaco?

    Did you hear something, is someone talking
  12. BluntRS

    Anyone else despise Monaco?

    I sooo cant bielve you put Senna in the same sentence as Hamilton, unless of coarse you ment the cool one, Nicholas. Its like RFactor 2 and Forza 7, If they only force cockpit and black screen on one circuit, it needs to be this one, As for Monaco, LOVE IT.
  13. This is excalty how some ( not all ) use it in other games, also experienced the same with some using proximinty arrows for same reasons. Assists aren't the problem, it hows some choose to use them thats the problem.
  14. Its @BluntRS Your Welcome , Am slow on the uptake, not ashamed to admit it, however talks of virtual mirror means to me a full rear view mirror view ( and yes not a fan at all, has no place in racing games in my opinion ), virtual wing mirrors ( which some said is what they actually ment, how am I suppose to know this ) for F1 dont have a issue with, just as long as theirs a option to force them off 😎
  15. Well we'll have to agree to disagree. @Codemasters Hola when you start work on F1 2020, am avaible to actually find issues with your game for a fee of course, When your good at something, why do it for free 😎
  16. F2 sold F1 2019 for me, but with current issue with fuel, your options are limited, is thier a ETA for this fix ? I fail to see how with all the Beta's testers ( TESTING ), and people getting early access how it was realised with this issue, a car in ( TESTING SESSION ) with no fuel in a racing game, HELLO PEOPLE, Also is thier a ETA for the F2 2019 season update.
  17. You assume us beta testers 1. Goto to play F2 ( which in reality we didnt really ) did you understand this ? cause I sure didn't, cause its waffle, 😁 if hes not sure on the first ( what ever that is ) am sure the rest is just as good, I dont know what is avaible to Beta testers, and whats not its "secret" , all I know is, am gonna try my hardest to be a part of beta testing F1 2020, cause F1 2019 beta testing process was a epic FAIL, it has to be said, This year theirs a big increase in new forum members with issues / complaints etc, more issues and complaints from existing forum users, in my opinion even though overall the game is a improvement on last year and am enjoying it, theirs more issues than last year, Ultimately it has to be said, its down to testing process, what else are us gamers who are not involved suppose to think ?
  18. What is this salt people keep talking off ? I just check wit da Urban dic yall, and now me gets it, you get me, Although you've used in the wrong context cause its infact your self being salty. ya get me Cuz 🤣
  19. Yea sorry I got to which in reality we didn't really, doesnt sound like your too sure thier, which tells me your reply is just waffle, But thankyou for your great contribution to the thread, have a great day yall.
  20. Firstly you ask me if am a F1 fan, Yes every session, Then say hes a F2 Champion, F2 ant F1, Ive only starting watching F2 this year, so apart from Schumacher I couldn't name anther driver, as its on Sky Sports, and you dont allways see the presenters, theirs not as much coverage as F1. ive probally seen him, but cant say I would know him by name, unlike the likes of Martin, Crofty Jonny, etc. I searched for him and yes I do recognise him,
  21. Sorry no idea who that is, Due to the 90 Year Livery I was quoting Seb. I guess I failed
  22. YES YES YES, GRAZIE GRAZIE! Any info on the F2 fuel issue ? Is the F2 2019 replacing the F2 2018 or will we have both ?, sorry if this is a stupid question, mybe obvious to some, but not me.
  23. @Faya @Hoo I just seen Patch 5 is avaible in a week or two, I cant see anything about F2 fuel issue in notes, is the F2 fuel inc ? Thankyou.
  24. BluntRS


    Thread currently on page 2 slowly disappearing never to be seen again, due to no support asking for excalty that, options to make no assists lobbys online.
  25. @PJTierney Logitech G920 LSB & RSB buttons, can you add support please, Other game devolpers added support.