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  1. I forget to put joke in my post , I got zero interest in cheating or ranked lobbys, but to see the lap times which no way I could get anywhere near is disgusting, Cheat or exploit either way I dont see Codemasters changing it.
  2. BluntRS

    Esteban Ocon

    If you can have unrealistic driver transfer in career. they should patch him in, being as its the Official game of F1
  3. Made a online lobby AI110% OOOh YAAaaaaaa Results 馃槷 Ranked S Gold Standard, Trophy Cabinet Filled, Soon Will Be mine 馃槑
  4. Do you know how much fuel thier allowed in each session ?
  5. BluntRS

    Multiplayer Racing Is ******** ?

    Sounds like a Forza D ranked lobby 馃槀
  6. BluntRS

    Multiplayer Racing Is ******** ?

    The whole race could be ghosted, theyd still find a way to ruin it 馃槀
  7. Starts would be interesting,
  8. Formula 2 drivers have intelligent people who calculate the fuel load, We dont, A 3.3km circuit needs 4.7ltr of fuel for one lap, wilst a 7km circuit only needs 1.2ltr, Monaco 3.3km FP Short 9.4ltr FP Medium 9.4ltr Quali 1 Shot 4.7ltr Quali Full 6.1ltr Belgium 7.0km FP Short 4.9ltr FP Medium 4.9ltr Quali 1 Shot 1.2ltr Quali Full 3.2ltr Just glad it was in devolvement for 2 years, or who knows what issues we'd have 馃ぃ
  9. BluntRS

    F12019 - Next patch wishes

    I wish they dont realise any more patches, Game allways feel better on day one patch.
  10. BluntRS

    Multiplayer Racing Is ******** ?

    Forza style online makes Dollar, rules dont.
  11. Its just like thier encouraging poor etiquette on purpose, More people that see this though, more people are gonna use it, What was your lap times compared to AI in control is it slower / faster, Mybe not this year or next, but sooner or later players are gonna say enough is enough, and find another game to play. Loop hole you could always just post the title of the video, that way your not actually posting any content.
  12. BluntRS

    Replay Roll Bar Cam

    During replays is it possible to have the roll bar cam avaible for the full length of the replay like in DIrt Rally please, Thankyou.
  13. BluntRS

    Black Flag

    @Codemaster this isnt my video also I dont race online, due to the issues in the video, F1 2019 I was hoping to go back online hence searching F1 videos, I understand you cant stop some players doing what they want, but ultimately you can add features to help prevent / clean up multiplayer, or its slowly imo going to turn into a ghost town, like other games have. I think it was F1 2010 or 11 mybe I dont remeber, but I was in a online race, and half the grid was black flagged, now it seems its turned into a free for all, anything goes from what I see on YouTube, Yes yes people will say join a league, but online ranked / unranked public players who are able and want to race online, should be able to join a session, without fear of being treated like this, how does the game not remove these players who are ruining the race after X amount of attacks ?, Everyone should be able to race how this wish, but with the view in the video used, due to the hud, positions of the mirrors, the mirrors are useless, players are to restricted with the view of thier surroundings imo, virtual wing mirrors or a spotter is needed to help players, who choose this view, I guess proximinty arrows where introduced to help, and am sure not all people who have incidents do it purpose, some must be done to visibility issues, havent tested proxi arrows myself but something clearly isnt working as intended. 4:18 How do they do that ? [Removed]
  14. BluntRS

    Black Flag

    F1 The Most Authentic Simulation, Translation online is carnage just expect it , Find a new Pharmacy.
  15. BluntRS

    Black Flag

    Excepting is the problem with todays society, Off to the pharmacy to get some Vaseline NOT!
  16. BluntRS

    Please revert back to 1.04 A.I

    Not helpful if you race online, but if you dont re install but dont update, Ai as you said is better also I think the F1 cars are better, slower but more enjoyable to drive.
  17. BluntRS

    Black Flag

    Makes me wonder why I made this thread asking for black flags SO by your logic the racers on this forum are to blame for buying the game, when we should just abounded it and watch Codemasters slowly go out of business, cause trolls like to ruin online racing for some reason.
  18. BluntRS

    Black Flag

    I didn't make the video, nor did I have the intention of naming or shaming anybody, I just posted a online video, which everyone has access too, from a another site on the world wide web people have access to, In high sight I should of just put the YouTube title then no issue, but doesnt alter the fact the video is still online avaible for all to see, Codemasters advertise this game as follows, The Most Authentic F1 Simulation, nothing indicates to me but be aware your racing against ( What you wrote ) its just excuses, Of course they can black flag them from the session its a rule in F1, Grojean got removed for his radio no working, Do you even F1 ?, Your pretty much saying, unless you wanna play destruction derby, dont by this game if you want to race online.
  19. BluntRS

    Black Flag

    @Faya That wasnt my intention to name and shame, its not my video, I just wanted to highlight the issue, But am sorry I didn't fully think it through before posting,
  20. As title but incase, Wil the lolly pop be updated by F1 2021. so thier visible during a pitstop ?
  21. BluntRS

    Tips for a beginner in Monaco?

    Absolutly stella lap and insane time in my opinion, so nice to see more cockpit views on YouTube, First Like on YouTube, BluntRS dont hate, BluntRS congratulates, 馃槑 Ok since you asked, FYI am not writing this by choice, no hate here, but they asked. Its @BluntRS FYI, mini circuit in TT are like pre advice info etc, like the arrows in Dirt that not only tell you how far they are away , but also what type of corner your approaching, giving more time to prepare, speed / gear etc, very helpful in braking that mm later due to the GPS location on track, also cause you got a visual of angles from above, which you dont normally have, which is clearly shown in the video by your last lap being your fastest, Lap delta again gives you info on excalty how much time however small your gaining / losing on each corner, by braking just that eye blink later, getting on the power just a eye blink early, very helpful wilst trying to find any time left on the table, which is shown to be a advantage in the video by your last lap being the fastest,
  22. BluntRS

    Black Flag

    I hear ya, but I live in hope, that these type threads ( not just mine ) but online problems are seen and heard, as I would like to venture online meet new players, Or else what is the point of a super licence ( 12points should be a race ban, I dont think thier is points ) or online, scrap the lot, put all the effort into offline.
  23. BluntRS

    Anyone else despise Monaco?

    Nico Rosberg was the answer 馃榿 Taking nothing away from Lewis, but lets get real, that Merc is untouchable in a lot of current F1 drivers hands, 2021 fingers crossed things will change, but as fans yes its great to see our fav driver win, ultimately we want great racing, which at the moment with the leader lapping up to P6 or more, is not racing. I use to be a fan, but 2016 just went off him. which I think after his actions, I think a lot of others did.
  24. BluntRS


    As title, but just incase. Delete [d瑟藞li藧t] VERB remove or obliterate (written or printed matter), especially by drawing a line through it. "the passage was deleted" synonyms: remove 路 cut out 路 take out 路 edit out 路 expunge 路 excise 路 eradicate 路 cancel