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    Hotlap Germany / no assists / 1:11,093 + Setup

    Look forward to your thread, more support the better, better chance of it happening.
  2. You quote me, then ask AScott a question
  3. But you cant, so your point ?, thats a rhetorical question, we both know you dont have one.
  4. BluntRS

    Hotlap Germany / no assists / 1:11,093 + Setup

    No, I commented cause I was led to bielve to bielve the video was something it wasnt, its YouTube click bait to gain views, In my thread am asking for assits, And thankyou for your support.
  5. So the lolly pop lights aren't visible then ?
  6. BluntRS

    MFD in the Steering wheel???

    I need a PC, like yesterday.
  7. I see the mirrors but no lolly pop 😀
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    @martbloke Ill break it down for you cause am nice!, Options are optional for the player to choose, Let The Players Decide how they wish to play,
  9. BluntRS

    Hotlap Germany / no assists / 1:11,093 + Setup

    No fact is your a troll, fact is no one is asking for what you claim, and thats FACT!! Read Let The Players Decide, and get your facts, cause the facts are thier for all to see, and thats a FACT!!
  10. BluntRS

    Hotlap Germany / no assists / 1:11,093 + Setup

    Its @BluntRS Your Welcome, And ******* read what I actually ******* wrote.
  11. That sounds like a weird setup to me without seeing it, But they need to be moved to be visible without extreme settings.
  12. BluntRS

    Anyone else despise Monaco?

    Remind me who won in 2016, Which driver would of been sacked in 2016, if it wasnt for the above driver leaving, Put Alonso in Bottas seat, Lewie would urinate his suit.
  13. BluntRS

    MFD in the Steering wheel???

    If anything is added to the steering wheels screens, it should be to replicate the real ones as used by the teams, with different menus to scroll through ( as said above like Pcars Motec display ) not a fake one copied and pasted 20 times.
  14. Picture please, I havent seen them
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    Hotlap Germany / no assists / 1:11,093 + Setup

    OMD! Does every reply that dare mentions no assits lobby's have to be hijacked, where those that want abit of realism ( Sorry didn't mean to swear ) are made to feel like aliens, just cause the race with no assits ? Getting old now, I know Codies listen to the majority, cause of the current state of the game ( Lastest Forza patch, more on the way ),, Give it a rest already and let the minority enjoy the game how they wish to play it.
  20. BluntRS

    F1 ranked

    I just reply with what the game allows / game devolpers say, dont know whats wrong with that to dislike but yh nvm
  21. BluntRS

    Hotlap Germany / no assists / 1:11,093 + Setup

    First year they had lobbys ? Only improvements we get, is to make it easyier for the assisted Pod racer's, AI100+ percenters crew, you ant running 100+% Bro, your simple not cool cuz, you any worthy you get me FYI I run no where 100%, even if I could, I wouldnt, I dont want to be labelled as a word ive been told am not allowed to use 😁
  22. How accurate is manual ERS and manual starts compared to real life F1, With actual F1 drivers saying ERS is totally wrong, and watching practise starts in F1 doesnt sound like its 100% manual, I know thier a mode but not sure what or how it works, being the official game shouldn't they be more accurate ( understand its a game, and not everthing is possible ) Some wheels come with more realistic buttons toggles etc, but it seems not all features of the wheel are supported, With auto settings for different things in game, I dont think adding more realistic features would effect anyone who doesnt want to take the game to seriously, #LetThePlayersDecide #Cater4AllPlayers
  23. BluntRS

    Assisted stars vs manual

    Havent the F1 boyz got a setting / mode for starts ?
  24. Thats makes sence, thankyou, Am on Xbox One and wilst going through the water theirs virtually none that hits the windscreen, also it clears in about 2 secs without using wipers, just ruins it.
  25. BluntRS

    Hotlap Germany / no assists / 1:11,093 + Setup

    And as @AlexTT said players enter the session not knowing, I requested a feature to be added like Project Cars 2 last year, its not fair on the player joining nor is it fair on the lobby, avaible assits or restrictions need to be added to the lobby info list before you join, if you set the grid with AI, players join then leave cause they get to turn 1 then mess thier self, the AI is removed but not replaced, messing up the grid numbers.