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    Sim Racing = Cockpit View

    Am totally confused by this comment sorry, its a simple option in online lobby, am not asking for major reconstruction surgery which the majority of requests are ( Also makes zero difference ), and no surprise make into the game, wilst actual issues are ignored, If the issues that matter to me where fixed I would buy next years game, but as it stands 2019 in my opinion even though enjoyable is a disaster, 2020 I shall be missing putting all my hopes and dreams on 2021.
  2. BluntRS

    Feedback and ideas for F1 2020

    F1 2020 Should cater for all players, or cater for none and sell the licence.
  3. BluntRS

    Sim Racing = Cockpit View

    Cater for all, or cater for none and sell the licence in my opinion.😎
  4. BluntRS

    Classic F1 for another Weekly Challenge?

    Have it all, F1 modern, F2.F1 Classic varity is the spice of life, Apart from unrealistic challenges, I dont what Senna/Prost bring to the game.
  5. BluntRS

    Sim Racing = Cockpit View

    And those Sim options in reality makes zero difference to anyone who doesnt want to participate, thier still gonna have access to the same lobbys as they do now, Makes zero sence to me concidering the amount of games with the option, even though majority dont use the feature.
  6. BluntRS

    X Files! Cockpit vs TV Pod :D

    EXCALTY, Have a beer 🍻
  7. BluntRS

    X Files! Cockpit vs TV Pod :D

    Project Cars for a example, cockpit only lobbys yes very quite, over time however more started to join and ended up with 11 regulars, it can be a great way to meet new players, but they dont race on F1, Minority yes but doesnt mean Codemasters should discriminate, reality is just a option to force cockpit is gonna make zero difference to anyone, doesnt stop them racing how they wish, no cockpit option however does stop the minority racing how I wish.
  8. BluntRS

    X Files! Cockpit vs TV Pod :D

    A option to force cockpit in MP
  9. BluntRS

    X Files! Cockpit vs TV Pod :D

    Fair competition anyone ? Even if things aren't performance related, they still give a advantage to some degree, above time of nearly 5 seconds prove that, some would say the person wasnt use to cockpit still doesnt justify the time, posted before adding the extra 1.355 cause it was set on herd's, Am not use to TV Pod, and managed to improve my time by 1.5 which both runs was on the same tyre, am sure I could of got abit more but only done a few laps. @RedDevilKT Please Help.
  10. BluntRS

    Sim Racing = Cockpit View

    Which if it was a mistake ( Which I dont bielve it was ), fair enough, but to keep your foot in and exploit ( Should of lifted, tried again to be a good sport imo ), makes TT pointless ( More people see the video on youtube, more people with do it ), cause unless you play by thier rules, which I for one refuse to do, no point even bothering with. with TT or events, Orginal Project Cars Clio Cup event, Silverstone event, someone found a exploit, if you drove through the pits, basically cutting out the last 3/4 corners you saved a ton of time 😡 Its sad but online now has zero to do with true competition, its who can exploit the game the most.
  11. BluntRS

    Sim Racing = Cockpit View

    Personally wouldnt call them ESports Pro's, but in my opinion yea they are, Look at the link I put in track limits I think, thats a ESport player infront blatantly abusing track limits ( this is text book Forza, get results by any means necessary , each to thier own but to call them Pro's in a insult to Pro's.
  12. Once you try clutter free, youll never go back 😎 @Striker_703 Yea I understand that, but its both, F2 and classic is locked to equal, normally you have a choice online, realistic or equal, F2 even though thier all the same, just doesnt make sence to me why its locked, if it was locked to realistic they would still be equal just looks wrong in my opinion.
  13. BluntRS

    Sim Racing = Cockpit View

    I didn't say it 😎 well not this time.
  14. BluntRS

    Sim Racing = Cockpit View

    100% 😎
  15. BluntRS

    AI too careless during overtake.

    Codemasters purposely programmed them like that, think of the AI more like drivatar's based on TV Pod "Pro's", so when you go online and encounter the real TV Pod players who just drive around with blinkers on, obvious to anything else on the circuit, its not a huge shock to you,
  16. BluntRS


    In another thread you said But we do not want to drive with assist. Where is that then still competition, which is also in motorsport! Braking line is a assist, TV Pod is a assist, gear indicator the list goes on, performance related or not, they still give a advantage to some degree.
  17. In the pic thier both using assists, so what is the problem ? I dont want to drive with others who use TV Pod, but do we have a option for that ? If you dont want to use assits, race in cockpit with a blank or your using assits.
  18. Thier both using assits, I dont see the issue.
  19. Watch 1:24 cuts the corner, with the "best" in the business 🤣, then cross's the line for a reward of, a DHL Fastest lap https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PLx6p5YD1i4
  20. @Faya @RedDevilKT F2 No fuel option for FP sessions ? F2 Multiplayer locked to equal performance ? F2 No option in Leagues ? F2 No option to force off visual aids ? F2 No option to force cockpit ? F2 Weather locked to dynamic in Championship mode, why cant we set ourselves ?, that way we can have what the actual race was, instead scripted which in reality didn't happen in real life F1 McLaren in game are 6th, in real F1 thier 4th ? HUD Opacity only goes to 10% ? F1 cars awfull, its like thier on rails, rear refuse's to step out, little to no skill required to keep them in line, basically like forza is,, tyre management not needed just last for ever and a day, can we have a option for tyre wear please, slow or realistic ? Online just pointless due to the "Pro's" preferred choice of event setup, no damage, ghosting on no practise ( cause why would you want to practise, to get your eye in ) either one shot quali or none, 5lap destruction derby, on to the next circuit, basically identical to Forza style.
  21. Drones / AI is Codemasters polite word for assited pod racers. But totally agree with lacking special awareness.
  22. BluntRS

    F1 2021

    Impression I get from this forum is F1 2019 was the worst launch, early access wilst people where playing a week before, due to shops realising it early, overall enjoyable but game worst ratio of issues in awhile, 2020 I dont see the point in buying personally, F1 2019 has the halo, F2, leagues etc, what can be added thats worth it in 2020, Codemasters try to please everybody, but please nobody, With big reg changes in F1 we need a F1 game that caters for all. not just the majority of assisted users.
  23. BluntRS

    F1 2021

    I wasnt going for subtle, To be honest I dont think Codemasters care, or listen to this forum like theve done in the past. Look at what people requested before the patch, then look at what the patch done, assits are faster then before Dirt forum communication from the team is on point.
  24. Thats awesome to hear your changing what you use each year, So your screen is completely blank then ?,
  25. BluntRS

    Team performance order after patch

    Does codemasters even communicate with actual F1 teams, I know they claim to.