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  1. 10 hours ago, martbloke said:

    Erm turn it off! Oh the simple things are too simple for simple people! 🤷 #iwannamoanjusttomoanandtrollsowillalsoreplytosaidposttotrollsomemorewhichwillonlyaddtohowsadiam

    I guess kinder garden hasn't go to reading yet for you,

    Opacity only goes to 10 not 0, so thier is no way to turn it off, you keeping up so far ?



  2. 1 hour ago, blokeyface said:

    nah, the AI are defintely quicker on race starts, even Tiametmarduk has said he struggles in one of his videos

    Oh WELL, If a F1 NoobTuber said it, it just has to true 🤣

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  3. 1 minute ago, TomAAA said:

    How do you read a 'replay' without the video?

    Or did you mean 'replies' lol 

    Make fun of someone who cant spell, 

    Show everybody what a big boy you are, I bet the kids in the playground run when they see you 😂

  4. 4 hours ago, TomAAA said:

    There is no DRS in 2019 on the pit straight in Hockenheim as far as the official data shows


    Nice editing to save face.

    1 hour ago, TomAAA said:

    There is no DRS on the pit straight in v1.05.

    The 'pit straight' on a race track is the straight with the start/finish line, as the pitlane runs the length of it. 

    DRS 1 at Hockenheim is after Turn 1, after the pit exit


    1 hour ago, TomAAA said:

    Actually the start finish straight last year at Hockenhim had a drs zone, there was 3 drs zones. 

    It looks like the OP is going off the news article about the reduction back to 2 drs zones at Germany this year 


    29 minutes ago, TomAAA said:

    Strange. v1.05 here, was in two online races around Germany last night only 2 drs zones. like this.

    Maybe everybody's definition of T1 is different. this is the official drs for the track and it matches the 2019 game for me


    24 minutes ago, TomAAA said:

    I just loaded game up and checked it, you are right Dale, it is there. But definitely was not there in Quali last night in Germany maybe its a glitch in online mode for one shot quali


    Mybe do your homework, before making ASSumptions.

  5. 10 minutes ago, DaleRossi said:

    lol The same Alonso that in 08 only won 2 races and one was due to his teammate intentionally causing a wreck to bring out the safety car? 

    It's been a while, but I recall Lewis winning the championship that year, too. 

    Lewis is in a fast car because he is and has been the fastest driver by a pretty wide margin.  

    I love Alonso and the fact that he is a throwback. He reminds me more of Andretti, who may be the actual GOAT driver. LeMans, Indy, F1 etc.

    Nico Rosberg was the answer 😁

    Taking nothing away from Lewis, but lets get real, that Merc is untouchable in a lot of current F1 drivers hands, 2021 fingers crossed things will change, but as fans yes its great to see our fav driver win, ultimately we want great racing, which at the moment with the leader lapping up to P6 or more, is not racing.

    I use to be a fan, but 2016 just went off him. which I think after his actions, I think a lot of others did.

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  6. On 7/19/2019 at 6:42 PM, DaleRossi said:

    He has a great car and he would likely agree with that, too. However, he has had teammates with the same car. Hamilton won in every series he was in. Hell, Louda ensured he had the best car, too. 

    I wonder if Rossi regrets leaving Honda and going to Yamaha? It's the same in all sports and there is no way Brady would go to the Bengals or Dolphins.  lol  Put Lewis in Max's car and there would be very similar results.


    Remind me who won in 2016,

    Which driver would of been sacked in 2016, if it wasnt for the above driver leaving,

    Put Alonso in Bottas seat, Lewie would urinate his suit.

  7. 2 hours ago, Marty_K_ said:

    I've been playing F1 games for over 10+ years (with Logitech Wheels about 8+ years). I always play Career Mode at 100% everything (practice, qualy & race)…. and I admit that I'm the TV Pod, Medium TC, and ABS assisted guy.

    However, after reading these comments, I think that it's finally time for me to (seriously) try, ...and persevere with, ...Cockpit View, No TC, and No ABS.

    I'm now looking forward to my new challenge of Cockpit Viewing, No Assisted, Career Mode racing. 

    Thank you Guys 🙂  

    PS: I'll be upgrading to a Fanatec wheel/pedal setup soon 👍  

    Thats is absolutly awesome to hear you wont regret it, enjoy your journey.

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  8. Only people that dont think cockpit is a assit are the ones that dont race in cockpit. and reality is they'll do anything to keep thier advantage by any means necessary,

    When it comes to a recognised assit ( TC, ABS ) , and they think theirs a advantage, OOOH STAND BACK BIG ISSUE, TOYS ARE FLYING.

    Facts are facts thier videos online of F1 2019, same driver, same track, tv pod was nearly 5secs quicker than cockpit, facts you cant Beep with that. BIGGEST ASSIST IN THE GAME, 

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  9. 28 minutes ago, Andrew210227 said:

    Exactly this, and you should also factor in the lack of crossplay, which cuts the amount of players who can compete in a 'cockpit only' ranked game even more. The player base for this is just too low.

    Translation, please dont make a lobby am unable to join, I need my advantage.

  10. 1 hour ago, Akkan74 said:

    The problem is we aren't the majority. If all guys in this forum would have the same meaning, how many percentage would it be? If we all would say the game is bad and should be changed, nevertheless we would be the minority. Maybe 1%, because the majority outside this forum will be quiet.

    So why should Codemasters change anything, because the minority (we) wants it?

    Cause they should cater for all players, we all pay good.

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