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  1. Impression I get from this forum is F1 2019 was the worst launch, early access wilst people where playing a week before, due to shops realising it early, overall enjoyable but game worst ratio of issues in awhile, 2020 I dont see the point in buying personally, F1 2019 has the halo, F2, leagues etc, what can be added thats worth it in 2020, 

    Codemasters try to please everybody, but please nobody,

    With big reg changes in F1 we need a F1 game that caters for all. not just the majority of assisted users.

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  2. 3 hours ago, BelgiumDude said:

    Because it's a tobacco sponsor. In some countries this sort of advertising is illegal and overall they would lose their child friendly rating  

    Thankyou, I understand that bit, I just dont understand how a mod can put it in the game, which am guessing Codemasters allow ?, or for mods games devolpers aren't responsible for.

  3. Not enough water on the screen after going through a water splash and clears to quickly without wipers comaped to Dirt Rally
    Lights dont work on the day stage through the foest ares where its dark, but works on sunset setting.

  4. 11 hours ago, Freddygore said:

    Another time again store asked to pay wales but i have deluxe content, hope this will be fixed soon...

    Uninstall and re install the game, Wales is now queued, totally agree shouldn't have to, and its a pain in the booty, but quicker than waiting for Codematers.


    My bad, after finshed downloading, still not working, bought it off the store front applied for a refund.

  5. 2 hours ago, DaleRossi said:

    With a wheel, I hated it in Formula C in PCars and I hate it in this game. lol  It is always one hairpin away from needing reconstructive surgery on my wrists from smacking the wall.

    No clue how real drivers handle this track. Especially guys like Senna and Hamilton that just dominate it. It's going to take a Miserable 50 or 100 more laps to even get remotely good at it for this week's deal. 😕

    I sooo cant bielve you put Senna in the same sentence as Hamilton, unless of coarse you ment the cool one, Nicholas.

    Its like RFactor 2 and Forza 7,

    If they only force cockpit and black screen on one circuit, it needs to be this one,


    As for Monaco, LOVE IT.

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  6. 9 minutes ago, xJulyxWeed said:

    Was meinst du damit? BluntRS


    Online has little to no penaltys, most lobbys have little to no damage, players that go on to ruin races like in your video theirs no punishment,

    Only way to enjoy a race is, to either race in private with like minded friends, or offline.

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  7. 22 minutes ago, DaleRossi said:

    It would be useful if it showed if they used wheel or controller. 

    Anyone else having their ghosts/LB timed disappear? My time is there on some tracks, but it says another player's name. On the Friends board, my name and lap info is correct.

    It happened last week and then went away. I asked in the Tech forum, but got nothing back.

    Not sue if its the same, sounds the same,

    But in 2018 had a issue on about 3 circuits in TT, where my time was posted as P2, even though I think I was like 30secs off the pace,

    Told Codemasters with pics on most of thier social media, also in the tech forum, they simple didn't care, sad to here its still happening 

  8. 32 minutes ago, TRJoey said:

    Yeah I can make more vids pal. I mean , the only issue , like you say is the fact of tyre wear for race only . Nothing to with other practice sessions or quali . Its unrealistic that softs are on 70% going into the final lap of the race when others have mentioned 10% per lap etc. It will probably differ between race tracks but least I know now that I dont really have to worry about tyres going off , regardless of what compound it is . It does need to be changed for sure . Look at the race yesterday.  2 pit stops with mediums, mediums and softs for bottas ( 3 sets of tyres but on the game I could of done it on 1 red soft tyre and for the sake of others with quali usage, I could of used set of softs for 1 lap and 1 set of mediums for the rest 😂 . That's the tyre wear difference to real life comparable to the game . 

    That would be good, true different between circuits so in my opinion best to stick to same circuit, obviously time permitting, if a may suggest do full length FP Q & Race, then medium, short etc,

    But sadly I think ultimately were gonna end up with less wear, which to some extent I understand, its not fair on pad's ( Ive been thier ) but Project Cars for example you can adjust the tyre wear were I think its fair for everyone,

    Lad I use to race was on pad, he would have to pit 3x, race was only like 25laps, setup or all down to pad I dunno, but it wasnt enjoyable for him.

  9. 2 hours ago, Akkan74 said:

    I come to the point where it is getting really annoying to read your posts. Visual aids help you to play the game as you like it, but they don't make you faster. How will you be faster if you use proximity arrows (to avoid crashes) or track map (for orientation)? Maybe they have also more traction and power as you stated for TV-cam. :classic_blink:

    There are a lot of players which playing the game as they want. If you use cockpit cam, no HUD, no assists it's fine. You are the only Pro here, but please try to be a bit friendly and don't name every gamer which makes something different a noob.

    Been thier, I find the best way is to read until you've read enough then simply ignore the rest,

    Dont make you faster, well thats your opinion,

    Only Pro, please dont label me as that, its not only false, but degrading,

    I am friendly, but Noob is urban for new player, which is what assists and visual aids, also know as assists, where designed for, blame Codemasters not me,

    Would you prefer new player instead ?,

    If players dont want to be called Noob or new player, then they should stop using assists, I dont make the rules, it is what it is.

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  10. 1 hour ago, martbloke said:

    In that case then the 2018 fix planned will indeed fix the tyre wear bug.


    I did wonder if the parts were also affected by this as they too are also scaled otherwise you'd never need to take a penalty.

    The only bug is they dont wear out fast enough, OP videos shows that,

    But like tyre temps majority win, and codemasters will loose sales one by one.

  11. Sorry I should of put, not my lap times I seen them on YouTube,

    You make some very valid points,

    On the odd occasion ive tried TV Pod, it just seems theirs a ton more grip also better traction, imagery or not its, those laps times says it all, and views need to be on the assist list.

  12. I got as far as TRL Limitless then zoned out, 

    No assists you say ?

    TV Pod assist,

    Proximinty arrows assist,

    Track map assist,

    The list goes on and on, it really does it has to be said,

    Its a myth that assists are limited to TC and ABS, this game has a HUUUGE list of assists, but here's the clever part on Codemasters part ( So they think ), they list them as visual aids, giving the noobs ( New players ) cause thats what assists are designed, it has to be said, alittle boost to thier ego's,

    But heres what Codemasters didn't realise in reality would happen, instead of a little boost, they give them URL Self Pro Claimed "Pro" Status, Oh yea am no assist, all day Cuz, easy work all day 😎 regular top 10 on leader boards OH YEEeeaaa 😎



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  13. I got a headache, and need to read it a bunch more times before, before I understand it,

    But what little I understand your saying, and how I understand Codemasters is gonna fix it, thats 2 different things, which ultimately isnt gonna fix anything, as I understand it.

  14. 28 minutes ago, martbloke said:


    Yep that is the tyre wear scaling. It is bugged. 


    Basically if I choose 50% race and you choose 100% yet both of us choose full practice and full qualifying, the expectation is that if we did everything exactly the same in practice and qualy with no difference whatsoever and get I to P3, the wear on the starting tyre for both should be exactly the same - no difference whatsoever as we have done everything exactly the same o we the exact same distance and tyre; no argument.


    Currently this is not the case. The person who chooses 50% races has double the wear in practice and qualy (those choosing 25% has x4 the wear) when they are not doing double (x4 for 25%) the distance and so the starting wear of the tyre is way more than those who have chosen to do 100% races. Bug is a fact!


    The scaling of the wear is dependent for the race ONLY to enforce realistic pit strategies that compare to a 100% race over the shorter race distance. You pit on lap 32 in a 100% race; you should pit on lap 16 in 50% race and lap 8 in a 25% race all with the same wear. 

    If I understand correctly that sounds right, 100% race, if you do 50% race, then those tyres should have double the wear 50+50=100, 25% race 4x wear 25x4=100 I dont see the "Bug", which you say they currently do, so I dont see a issue,

    The starting wear for a 25% race should be 4x of what a person who chooses 100% race has, theirs no ISSUE its a fact, @TRJoey Do you plan on making any other videos ?, 

    The issue I see is thier not wearing out, and we need more wear, see YouTube link above,

    Other thread as I understand it, tyre wear is going back to F1 2018 which was even less wear than what we got now, and thier not wearing out now, ever seen a F1 in 2019 flat out flag to flag NO,


    This is no different to the Tyre heat phantom "Bug", controllers vs wheels the tyres are allways gonna different wear / heat issues, simply add a assit to turn of tyre wear / tone it down,

    Punishing everybody is getting old with this series.

    I didn't fork out my hard earn to play Forza F1 2019,

  15. 14 minutes ago, martbloke said:

    To what change are you referring? Only change I've heard they are doing is correcting the tyre scaling issue affecting practice and qualifying when you've selected less than a 100% race distance - which is a bug. Other than that I e heard nothing else reading tyre wear issues and changes.

    Faya wrote this, From my understanding we will be looking to adjust the tyre wear to what it was in F1 2018 in a future patch.


    Bug, Ummmm I beg to differ.

  16. 23 hours ago, DaleRossi said:

    I'm seeing setups by very fast drivers that I don't see in any other games. Camber and Toe are completely minimized.  I've even seen some setups, particularly Hockenhein, with Zero roll bar front or rear. And on top of that, the front height would also be significantly higher than the rear, by several clicks. 

    No toe or camber in the rear makes a little sense for grip coming out of slow turns, but all the rest doesnt make sense to me.  

    Also, does anyone have a definitive answer as to when to shift? I've seen some take it deep into redline and some shift quite a bit before redline (which is what the audible tone generally tells you to do, if you have that on).

    Lastly, 8th gear...is it generally considered an overdrive or what? Reason I ask is a lot of fast drivers just hold out in 7th unless it is a very long straight. Silverstone has a couple areas where you see this often.

    Any help would be appreciated!

    1st rule of tuning, ignore what setups the "Fast" drivers use.